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Smart Cities Live Stream 23rd April 2023

Smart Cities Live Stream 23rd April 2023

The Alternative View presents a four speaker live stream event looking at the subject of Smart Cities and the Surveillance State. We will investigate what Smart Cities are, what Smart means and what the cities will offer or maybe deny to the people who live in them. Will they be an eco-friendly utopia where you will own nothing, have lots of leisure time, be happy and undoubtedly be tracked for every second of your life in them? Eco-friendly but not human friendly it would seem. With the prospect of Smart everything including us, digital currencies that can control and monitor your spending and saving the future is beginning to resemble a dystopian Orwellian reality. Join us on Sunday the 23rd April 2023 and let’s see if our informed presenters can offer an educated opinion of what the future we are helping manifest may look like, what is the goal of this nefarious plan and where the agenda of tracking and control may ultimately be heading.

For tickets and info visit www.alternativeview.co.uk


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