Russia modernising Soviet-era bombs, as Germany modernises Soviet-era jet drones

If Ukraine hadn’t been equipped with the Russian built S-300 air defence system at the start of the special military operation, it would been over long ago with Ukrainian troops defeated on the ground by carpet bombing.  Most of Ukraine’s air defence systems have been knocked out after the first year, but it is unknown how many NATO systems have been provided since, and Russia’s air force is careful not to expose itself to unknown risks.

The Russians have adapted older heavy or fat bombs to use against entrenched and fortified positions, by ‘strapping on’ gliding capability and guidance systems that can deliver them with pin point accuracy up to 40 kilometres.  These have been used with devastating effect against entrenched positions in Avdiivka resulting in a rapidly closing pincer movement around the town.  These old bombs with the gliding and targeting strap on are very cheap to make and there are tens of thousands of them from old Soviet stocks which can be so adapted.

If the power of the Russian air force could be released, the war would be over very quickly.  Air defence systems from NATO have held up the process.  The development of the glider/remote targeting strap on to the old Soviet fat bombs meantime has given the Russians a way at last to deal with entrenched positions where air defence is not an issue.  If Ukrainian/NATO air defence systems are held back from the front lines due to the threat of kamikaze drones, the air force can start to play a pivotal roll delivering fat bombs from out of range of NATO air defence.

In WW2 trenches and fortifications had to be carpet bombed.  Now fat bombs can be delivered with pin point accuracy.  NATO’s equivalent weapon is hugely expensive and there are no stocks.

See next video at 15 minutes – re fat bombs gliding into Avdiivka.

The Germans too are modernising Soviet weapons in big numbers –

Masno on the Tu-141/Tu-142 Soviet-era large jet drones: The more I read about the development, the less I have faith in Putin’s handling of this.

But, it’s up to the Russians if they want to be free of a NATO lackey.

“Today’s Swift, which exploded in the Tula region, is most likely a unit from the batch that I wrote about not so long ago.

The Germans are modernizing Swifts and Flights, storing them at a base in Ramstein, recently there were up to 50 of them.

With such a single launch, they probably wanted to test our air defense system and identify gaps before the main, mass launch.

Once again I would like to repeat that the enemy will not give us mercy, and only the final defeat of him, without any half measures, can guarantee Russia a peaceful life, prosperity and a worthy place on the pedestal of the main world powers.

via Itapirkanmaa2 on youtube.