Russia is to China what Europe is to America

My very long reply to a Russian friend on China:

Yana, I see the USA vs China dialectic similar to the Republicans vs Democrats, where at the end it is an uniparty. China’s present day riches are built on the investments of the western taxpayers’ money and relocation there of western manufacturing.

There is an ex official of Bush Sr administration and the whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts that tells the story of an American pension fund being DIRECTED to invest in China around 1987. She calls those who are directing the money flows “Mr. Global”. I have deciphered “Mr. Global” to be the City of London, which is sort of Vatican of the global financial system.
We know that Rothschilds rule that tiny neck of the woods, but I see Rothschilds as the CEO of the global criminal mafia, and we know there is a board of directors. So far I have been able to pencil 2 names on that board: Warburgs and DuPonts, but there are at least 5 more families there.

We know that the remaining European royals headed by Windsors and a good number of the very old money European nobilities are sort of invested shareholders but not the masterminds of that mafia incorporated.
It is the City of London that directs the BIS, and the IMF and the World bank are directly under the BIS, and that all or almost all central banks are under the IMF, and that “Mr. Global” owns at least partially most of central banks. On top of that the City of London controls practically all offshores.

By controlling financial flows, official, gray and dark money, “Mr. Global” also has control over anything that requires large investment and credit, like the manufacturing, so directing the manufacturing to China is as easy as giving preferential loans to those willing to relocate their facilities there.

In fact China has been built up very much in the same way as Hitler’s Germany once was. If you look closely at Nazi Germany and modern China’s “economic miracles”, there are remarkable parallels in terms of flows of investment, equipment and the know how.

Interestingly, both countries have also upped the controls over their population to remarkable levels. In fact, you can argue that China was made into not only “the factory of the world” but also the social engineering lab of the population control. China came up with the social credit system, programable digital yuan with an expiration date, and facial ID requirements to enter the internet or to turn a street corner like in Cin Dzyan province. As per the WEF, Mr. Global’s mouthpiece, the NWO wants to implement it worldwide. Just look at how covid lockdowns, QR codes and constant PCR testing that began in China were emulated globally.

The US transformation into the puppet evil empire came about when Hitler’s balloon was popped by the USSR in 1943-1944. Then the UK transferred its military bases to the US, poisoned Roosevelt, installed its agent Allen Dulles as the head of the newly formed CIA and gifted the US with the CFR, the daughter organization of the same Round Table British think tank that came up with the idea of creating evil puppet empires, because maintaining the traditional type of an empire is too expensive. The CFR has been developing American foreign policy ever since. But the US is very difficult to control because its political structure gives more weight to local administrations and the federal government is weak and is mostly there to direct foreign policy. Americans are holding on to their constitution, Bibles and guns for dear life and are basically unruly. So sometimes in 1960s Mr. Global has decided to go with China instead. If you read Kissinger’s book on China between the lines you would understand why.

The USA vs China dialectics is only temporary, because Mr. Global intends to torpedo the USA completely (if it can). China is super easy to control even as the sole hegemon – its economy is export oriented and the global population impoverishment is going to make it continuosly teeter on the edge of economic depression and requiring financial transfusions from Mr. Global. Now you say that Russia is not under China, but you are not allowed to criticize China on TV, while illegal logging of the Siberian forest is allowed; China gets mind blowing discounts on all kinds of Russian resources, and Russian foreign policy seems to be quite dependent on China’s go-ahead. It looks to me that Russia is to China what’s Europe is to America – a lesser brother, so to say.

Ella Moss