Re-run of Brexit playbook by fake politicians

Stop the Boats?

What people think about the new battle in British politics

There’s a new three-word slogan in town. After Take Back Control, Brexit Means Brexit, and Get Brexit Done, this week Rishi Sunak revealed the three words that will almost certainly dominate the election to come. Stop. The. Boats.

Pointing to the chaos on the southern border, which has escalated under a succession of Conservative prime ministers, Sunak is now presenting himself as the leader who will finally sort out the mess, the renegade prime minister who, like his nemesis, Boris Johnson, is willing to go up against The Blob to give The People what they want.

Sound familiar? That’s because we’re living through a re-run of the Brexit playbook. Target an issue on which much of the elite is out of touch (more on that later), turn up the volume to increase its salience, spark a big clash with the House of Lords, the ‘lefty lawyers’, the Labour Party and others, and then hope to reap the electoral dividend from an issue which, like Brexit, cuts across the left-right divide.

TAP – There is still no mention that the supposed refugees are in fact UN contracted soldiers hired to enforce the smart cities, little Hollands, 20 minute neighbourhood, compulsory medical ID and so on in the coming hell on earth from the New World Order.  Resist with the Teds.  Or quit supporting politicians.  Trouble is if you quit your vote will be used as a false vote.  Not voting is the same as voting in your deadliest enemies.


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One Response to “Re-run of Brexit playbook by fake politicians”

  1. Chris x says:

    Voting for Sunak or Starmer is the same as decding which globalist Bilderberg/WEF/Bohemian Grove puppet you want in power.

    As long as the sheeple keep voting for LIbLabCon, there will be no change.