Royal BS.

I tried to use my Royal Bank of Scotland Debit card to make an online purchase recently. When it came to paying at the end, the screen said that I’d been sent a 3 0r 4 digit code text message, to prove ID. Unfortunately it sent it I think, to my land line, which of course I can’t read, so instead I had to order over the phone next day. I phoned the phone number on my Card to change the number , but because I don’t have, nor want a bank app on my phone, I can’t do that.

What a bunch of thugs. I will search other banks and building Societies now to enable me to use a card online, and transfer my “Millions”, there. A tad annoyed and said so, but, though the young lady I spoke to was very polite and probably didn’t stick her thumbs in her ears and waggle her fingers at me with her tongue out, I don’t think, I could tell she didn’t care.

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3 Responses to “Royal BS.”

  1. danceaway says:

    Try Nationwide, Ian. There is an option to use your landline for verification, which is pretty efficient.

    I have been with them for at least 25 years and have been very pleased, I esp like that they still have branches one can to into and get face to face service. At the moment, that is, knowing how things are moving…..

  2. newensign says:

    I have had the same problem Ian. Nearly all give one an option of an App. which I refuse as I don’t want their spies on my system! I try and use the phone to purchase on line as its a real pain typing all the info and then being rejected and having to re-enter again!