Putin openly advocated for a national digital vax pass—de facto compulsory vaccination for Russia’s entire adult population.

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Why do people think Putin dislikes clot-shots?

We are genuinely curious why anyone would think this

Good heavens.

“Putin Orders Destruction of All Covid-19 Vaccines in Russia,” Real Raw News—the leading destination for real news—reported on March 4.

Russia’s president instructed the military to kill hospital staff that “resisted the vaccine purge,” the outlet—which, again, is the #1 location for very raw and very real news—revealed.

Putin also “ordered the execution of 130 scientists responsible for creating the Sputnik vaccine.” There were no legal proceedings or trials before the scientists were liquidated, because in Russia such formalities are considered a “waste of time.”

This is the News. Raw and Real.

This is possibly Real Raw News’ biggest bombshell exclusive since announcing last month that the US military secretly executed Bill Gates, and soon after “arrested Gates’ estranged ex-wife Melinda, who turned out to be actor Kevin Kline in drag.”

One of these aforementioned “real raw news” fairy tales is being shared widely on social media as a boom-goes-the-dynamite game-changer. Can you guess which one?

That some lunatic claimed Putin karate-chopped all the clot-shots in Russia is not the problem here—after all, what would the internet be without erotic fan fiction?

The problem is that many thousands of people saw the headline “Putin Orders Destruction of All Covid-19 Vaccines in Russia,” and immediately began popping champagne corks.

Why even bother reading the article? We all know this is something Putin would definitely do.

After all, Putin gave the greenlight to Sputnik V, even after Russian scientists explained—directly to his face—that the “vaccine” was based on an unproven and potential dangerous technology.

When Moscow introduced the country’s first compulsory injection decree in June 2021, Putin’s spokesman predicted unvaxxed Russians would have to submit to the needle—or face discrimination.

The Kremlin spokesman has spoken (source)

As Russian regions began following Moscow’s example, Putin reminded regional governors that they had the power to coerce Russians into getting injected. Putin was personally against such measures, of course!

“FYI, you can force Russians to get vaxxed; personally, I oppose such measures” (source)

To further demonstrate his crusade against Big Pharma soul-rape, In November 2021 Putin awarded Alexander Gintsburg, Russia’s COVID Moses, with one of the country’s highest honors—the Order of Alexander Nevsky.

Hours before receiving the award, Gintsburg told Russian media that a “line needed to be drawn” to “sharply distinguish” between Responsible Vaxxed Citizens and Unjabbed Vermin.

Edward Slavsquat
As Russia’s regions began rapidly adopting compulsory vaccine decrees and QR codes in early October, Alexander Gintsburg was invited to a Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) gala, where he received RJC’s Global Influence Award. The Congress dignitary who presented the award…
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Coincidentally, nearly every region in Russia adopted QR-coded vax passes by December 2021. But this wasn’t good enough for Putin, who openly advocated for a national digital vax pass—de facto compulsory vaccination for Russia’s entire adult population. He explained at the time that it was his duty, as president, to support a federally enforced cattle-tag system, even as 90%+ of Russians opposed this insane, anti-human assault on basic decency.

Possibly the most unpopular legislation in Russia’s modern history. Fully backed by Putin.

Is there any evidence—any evidence at all—that Putin is waging a shadow war against the Virus Scam? Or that he doesn’t like genetic COVID injections?

In August your correspondent wrote a six-part series (Part IIIIIIIVVVI) in an attempt to answer these questions.

After a thorough investigation, we concluded Putin was preparing to destroy all COVID vaccines in Russia and would likely murder anyone who tried to stop him.

This is why, in October 2022, Putin urged Russians to get revaxxed.

This is part of his ingenious plan to entrap and expose the globalists in his cabinet. You just need to be patient.

Fighting for you (source)

This is also why the Gamaleya Center—which collaborated with AstraZeneca to create Russia’s flagship “vaccine”—recently unveiled a safe and effective COVID clot-shot for children ages 6-11.

If you are on pins and needles waiting for Putin to confiscate all the clot-shots in Russia and dump them into an active volcano—I have good news for you.

Bill Gates was executed by white hats in the US Navy, and Gates’ wife—who is actually Kevin Kline with a wig—is being interrogated at Gitmo. Kevin is cooperating.

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