Putin better come up with something of consequence soon…

Putin better come up with something of consequence soon…
“Ukrainian troops have trained about 200,000 reserve personnel and received a large amount of NATO equipment, Prigozhin (Overall commander of the Wagner PMC) said.
According to him, Ukraine has concentrated a group of more than 80,000 military around Artyomovsk [Bakhmut].” (Donbass Devushka)
Itapirkanmaa216 hours ago
In case of failure, Kiev will no longer be able to get funds for a new counter-offensive, says Czech President Pavel 📝
“Many countries, many politicians expect some progress this year.
I believe that Ukraine will only have one attempt to launch a major counter-offensive. So if they decide to launch a major counteroffensive and it fails, getting funds for the next one will be extremely difficult,” the former NATO officer told the Rzeczpospolita newspaper.
According to him, the counter-offensive should take place within the next month. 🗣 After next winter, “it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of aid.”