PC Plod: Mixed performance

March 8, 20233 Comments

I love the euphemism “mixed” which in reality means total disaster. For instance “Relations between Germany and Poland were mixed during the nineteen forties.” Same can be said about Britain’s police. Apparently only about 4% of the country’s crimes result in a conviction. Heckuva job guys. And a couple of recent cases, such as the terrible car crash near Cardiff which resulted in three fatalities, have further added to public dissatisfaction. One of the survivors hung upside-down for two days before being discovered – by civilians. What was Plod up to in the interim? Whatever it was can’t have been very effective. Forty eight hours searching for five missing people and still couldn’t find a car that had ploughed off the road, turned upside down and left five people hanging out of it. Sherlock Holmes does not spring to mind.

Unsurprisingly, the survivors’ families were not impressed. “The police were terrible. I don’t think they took it seriously. The families said it was out of character for them to go missing and the police should have listened to them. Shane’s mum was up all weekend worried sick. The boys from Cardiff, all their friends were driving around looking for them, it was those people looking who found them, not the police.” The diversity of those families made the event even more tragic.

A little earlier the nation had become transfixed at the disappearance of Nicola Bulley in Lancashire. She had last been seen walking near a canal tow-path and there were no clues as to her fate. Lancashire police swung into action, closing off the area, conducting a fine-comb search for nearly three weeks. But nothing was found. The mystery deepened until her body was found. By a walker taking a stroll in the very place where she had gone missing and which had been searched relentlessly by the eagle-eyed cops for the previous three weeks.

Again, heckuva job guys. The public’s reaction was, well, ‘mixed’. The performance of the Lancashire Police was described as “absolutely shocking” by Mark Williams-Thomas, a criminal investigator who helped expose Jimmy Savile’s crimes. An assessment not changed when the affirmative action Top Cop, the mastermind behind the search, appeared at a press conference dressed like a street prostitute. One journalist wrote “Detective Superintendent Rebecca Smith at press conference yesterday – skin tight navy dress, stilettos, poker straightened hair – whatever happened to a cop uniform! Or is she auditioning for Love Island for midlifers. Show some respect for a missing mother!”

While Plod’s power of detection may have been less that impressive in these incidents, and countless more like them, he, or more likely she, can often display uncanny powers of identification in the right circumstances. For instance should someone in a football crowd of 60,000 shout something rude at a ‘minority’ player the Police response will be breathtakingly impressive. Sirens wailing, teams of gung-ho protectors of the public will explode out of the blocks while back at the office highly-trained specialists devote endless hours meticulously poring over thousands of TV frames in the quest to bring the Hater to justice. And they succeed more often than not. Another crime that attracts an APB alert and an instantly successful response is a report about someone praying outside an abortion clinic. Video shared online shows a gentle-looking Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, director of anti-abortion group March for Life UK, being arrested outside the BPAS Robert Clinic in Birmingham. Officers ask Ms. Vaughan-Spruce to “step outside the exclusion zone” that exists around the clinic. However, she tells officers that she is “not protesting” and “not engaging in any of the activities prohibited”. Police respond: “But you’ve said you’re engaging in prayer, which is the offence“, to which she replies: “Silent prayer”. At which point she was frog-marched off the the slammer again.

Remember this: The police are, if not our enemies, certainly not our friends. They represent the enforcement arm of the globohomo NWO. As former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt admitted, national police forces will ultimately develop into “an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order.” The few honourable ones who can not or will not take on this role will either be marginalised or fired.