NATO general staff in Ukraine wiped out

US resources report that during the recent attack on Kiev, Kinzhal missiles hit the control center with NATO officers, among whom there were both dead and wounded.

The Kinzal operation against a NATO command center appears more and more to be confirmed. 😁
today at 8:06 am
It seems that Zelya (Zelensky) was temporarily left without leadership… 😰

According to unconfirmed reports so far, as a result of yesterday’s massive strike with “Daggers” on Ukraine, the “shadow General Staff” of NATO with high-ranking American officers who controlled the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed

Ukrainian sources from behind the scenes say that the strike hit the bunker control and planning centers, where the American officers were located.

The information looks plausible, because the “Daggers” are ideal for destroying well-fortified underground structures. This hypersonic missile rises up to 20 km, and then dives at a tremendous speed to the target. It is impossible to shoot it down with existing air defense systems, and it is unlikely that our generals used this powerful weapon to destroy conventional infrastructure facilities.

The appearance of Zelensky also speaks in favor of the version, who yesterday, with the look of a beaten dog, squeezed out the phrase “A hard night”. It is also known that after the strikes, a large delegation of the Ukrainian General Staff visited the US embassy, probably to transfer the lists of the “two hundredth” Americans.

Ukrainian (and even US) air defenses are not able to shoot down the “Kinzhal” at an altitude of 20 km, and after the missile has gained altitude, it collapses with great speed on the target, and nothing can be done.
“In fact, bunker control and planning centers and air defense/radar were hit. Large losses of officers were recorded, including from the United States. The pro-Nato ‘Shadow General Staff’ appears to have been hit hard, ” US sources write
Representatives of the Ukrainian General Staff later went to the US embassy, most likely to hand over the lists of victims.

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2 Responses to “NATO general staff in Ukraine wiped out”

  1. newensign says:

    A good find Tap as there has been some doubt about the veracity of the strike.

    • Tapestry says:

      Thanks Newensign. Of course, ‘No. It didn’t’ will be the reaction in all media. Yet those on the ground always know.