NATO continues murdering children in Donbass

Alina Karpenko, a little girl with glasses, 14 years old. Murdered by US/ukrop shelling in Petrovsky District of Donetsk today… God bless her soul, and damn the souls of the scum that did this – ALL of them, from D.C. to London to Brussels to Kiev to the ukrop piece of shit on the Donbass Front who pulled the trigger.

Alina Karpenko, 14 years old, murdered yesterday in Petrovsky District by US/Ukrop nazi terrorist motherfuckers. For me, in 2014, it was the photo of Inna Kukuruza, also murdered by US/Ukrop nazis, that inspired me to come to Donbass, to defend people like Alina and Inna, and kill some of the murdering bastards who killed them. And I have.

Now, it’s YOUR turn, let this photo of Alina be YOUR inspiration – And remember, you don’t have to be in Ukraine to kill nazis. There are plenty in the USA and Europe. Remember the French Resistance, the Young Guards, the Russian Partisans. Take a lesson from the Donbass Resistance. There is only one cure for nazis – 10 grams of hot lead. Fortunately, it is effective, not expensive, and permanent. GET TO WORK. DAVAI!

Russell Bentley.