Mothers and babies die as the culture of fear within NHS rolls on

Shrewsbury and Telford hospital staff  are still worried about speaking out over unsafe practice.

Significant numbers of staff at the county’s emergency hospitals still have concerns about speaking out over unsafe practice – an annual survey has revealed.

Less than half of those responding said they were confident the trust would address concerns if they were raised.

Just 44.9 per cent of 3,353 respondents said they were confident – again a fall from the 2021 figure of 46.4 per cent.

Both figures are below the average across the NHS – and are significantly lower than the leading trusts.The trust has faced multiple issues and has been in special measures for nearly five years.

The issue of staff feeling free to raise concerns has been key for the trust since it was highlighted as part of the damning Ockenden report, which investigated major failings in maternity care at the hospitals.

..the number of staff who said they would be happy with the care provided if a relative needed treatment also fell.

Only 39.2 per cent agreed – a drop from 43.5 per cent in 2021.

In response, Louise Barnett, Chief Executive at SaTH, said she was committed to making sure staff feel able to raise concerns.

Ms Barnett said that the trust has worked to provide more ways for staff to raise concerns, but would be doing more to support workers.

“We welcome today’s survey report and the opportunity to act on the feedback staff have shared with us. We are pleased to have seen improvement across many areas of the NHS People Promise and we are committed to delivering further improvements,” she said.

“We take any concerns raised by staff very seriously. Following feedback from staff we have invested in additional routes for concerns to be reported, listened to and importantly acted upon. We recognise there is more to do and will be working with staff across the Trust to understand how we can best support them further and to continue our work to create a safe environment for concerns to be raised.

TAP – how about a safe environment for the patients?  Obviously not the priority as it is not even mentioned.  Local women describe nightmare experiences when they go in to give birth – in many or even most cases.  

200 appalling cases over 5 years was mentioned in another article – almost one a week makes the media.  How many go by unreported?

Staff are trained to keep their mouths shut, it seems, and if they just fill in their survey returns with the right answers, the people at the top will be happy.  Patients are expendable, it seems.  Why don’t they make the surveys named rather than anonymous and the figures of approval of management will no doubt skyrocket.  It would look so good in the media.  Problem solved.

Another take on NHS staff who are not preventing deaths – but are actually causing them, when ordered to kill the patient.

Nurses are no different to soldiers acting under orders.  If told to kill, they kill.  It’s their job.  Doctors are like officers, giving the commands to do so.  Just a different uniform.

Soldiers don’t complain or they face courts martial.  Nurses obviously won;t complain or they lose their salaries, same goes for doctors.  Killing is business.


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