Little Jonny wants some help.

Little Jonny,  I went to public school and we were told we would be the officer class, that’s for sure.  But murdering and raping and financial shenanigans weren’t on the curriculum for the vast majority.

They pretended all was of high virtue to the majority.  They carefully selected who would be easily corruptible and offered them jobs in politics, intelligence services and so on.  The rest were sent packing, and left to fend for themselves, held back by notions of social superiority, and the idea that only professional roles were acceptable.   Most would make more money as plumbers etc.

Many of lower IQ levels were hamstrung for life.

I went into ‘trade’.  How disgusting!   It makes money if you’re successful.  Offshore accounts, and ripping off outsider shareholders is for the out and out Satanists, not the ordinary middle class.

The Working Class votes Labour.  The Middle Class votes Conservative.  The really rich are Communists.  They want to keep the peasants as poor as church mice forever, pubic school and state school.

Conservative and Labour are two cheeks of the same backside.  The Lib Dems are the bit that goes down the middle.

There is no good politics until you get outside the system and find parties and politicians who get no media.

The Teds get none at all.  They want peace through negotiation, and an end to sanctions (Price rises are not caused by Brexit as the Left cheek will tell you)

The English Democrats want to protect the people, not to enslave and kill them.

Look them up, Little Jonny.  They’ll help you out.

Have a good day!


4 Responses to “Little Jonny wants some help.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Excellent Tap! Both Jonny and your response too

    “The Lib Dems are the bit that goes down the middle”. :-)) How very true!

    2 words that condemn the Lib Dems forever to my mind:
    Nick Clegg
    An obvious made man, and globalist tw*t, who loves the people so much that he now works for Facebook!

    Politicians who get no media aren’t necessarily less corrupt I expect. But the ones who DO get MSM coverage definitely ARE

    I gave up on politics years ago but, having looked at the Teds thanks to your prompting then, I AM prepared to give them a chance next time round. That is if they put up a candidate in my constituency. There is nothing to lose is there, they definitely cannot be worse than the media supported whores in Parliament

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      There are a small number of good guy MP’s. Like Andrew Bridgen and my constituency MP, Philip Davies, both Conservatives

      I wrote to Philip at the start of plandemic and asked him to look at my summary of the numerous deceptions that were then in play. He wrote back agreeing with me 100%! I didn’t expect that

      He also pledged to vote against the Coronavirus Act, which I had urged him to do as my main purpose in writing. And which he subsequently did. He was one of a handful of MP’s to do that

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Pete. I am working on leafleting and on candidates as we go ahead from here. The emphasis is on Council elections at the moment. I get asked if we will have candidates in the GE, and I say there will be. It takes time to build from scratch. But far from impossible if we have the will. Bridgen is good but he’s going for maximum publicity which may not work out for him and makes him look like the aggressor in the hands of media narrative makers. MPs like your two have no business remaining in the Tories who are clearly killers and destroyers of the people. They must switch loyalty to another party that treads carefully to win people over gradually – I’m thinking Teds. Going for max media is self destructive.

  3. Gordon says:

    Just read “Who Is Gog” this morning which is quite an eyeopener even though the dates are off. It might have been better titled Who Runs The World.