Japan has effectively mRNA poisoned most of its population with 382 million doses of mRNA administered

Japan Sees Major Push Back Against Big Pharma and Corrupt Japanese Health Officials Who Are Covering Up COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Injuries and Deaths – Highest Excess Deaths Now Since WWII

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Hirofumi Yanagase is a Japanese politician who is a member of the House of Councillors of Japan.


VIDEO: Mr. Hirofumi, Yanagase speaks out:

“Compared to 2021, the number of deaths has increased by more than 140,000. Compared to 2020, the number of deaths has increased by 210,000…the highest number since World War II”

Japan has been flooded with people complaining of feeling ill after receiving the COVID vaccine

“Amazingly, even though more than 2000 people have died after vaccination, more than 99% of these deaths cannot be evaluated”

According to our calculations, the percentage of reported deaths after COVID vaccine is more than 38 times higher in comparison with the flu vaccine

Japan reports first death directly linked to COVID-19 vaccine

Out of more than 2000 deaths after COVID-19 vaccination, on March 10, 2023 a Japanese Ministry of Health panel made the first of a causal link between the death of a 42 year old woman and the COVID-19 vaccine (click here)

The woman received a Pfizer shot (bivalent) on Nov. 5, 2022 at a mass vaccination center. She felt sick seven minutes later, and her breathing stopped after about 15 minutes.

The woman was taken to a hospital but died of acute heart failure an hour and 40 minutes after receiving the COVID-19 shot. A postmortem CT scan showed that she had experienced acute pulmonary edema, a sudden buildup of fluid in the lungs, the report said.

“From the data obtained from (CT) images, no abnormalities were found that could have caused the death other than the vaccine. All things considered, the direct causal link between the vaccination and the death cannot be denied,” the report said.

Doctor sues Japanese Government over COVID-19 vaccine cover-ups

“Today, we filed a lawsuit against the Japanese government” announced Dr. Masanori Fukushima during a press conference on February 2, 2023. Because the Japanese Health Ministry refuses to acknowledge the causal link between vaccines and deaths, Professor Fukushima and a team of researchers said they “had no choice but to dare to take legal action.” (click here)

Dr. Masanori Fukushima is an infectious disease expert and Professor Emeritus at Kyoto University — with over 25 years of oncology experience. He has been hammering at the cracks in the vaccine narrative and publicly condemned Japan’s Ministry of Health late last year.

“Today, it is a matter of fundamental importance for the Japanese government to continuously collect and disclose accurate data,” Professor Fukushima expressed. “However, I have witnessed the recent fraud scandal committed by the Health Ministry.

COVID-19 vaccine demand crashes – Japan cancels 142 million dose order for Novavax COVID-19 vaccine 

Japan cancels 140M dose order for Novavax Covid vaccine amid ‘lower than expected’ demand” (click here)

The country initially agreed in 2021 to purchase 150 million doses of the vaccine from Takeda, which has been producing Novavax’s vaccine at its Hikari-based facility. But after only purchasing 8.24 million doses, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has canceled the remaining 141.76 million doses.

We are seeing low market demand for Nuvaxovid, lower than expected given the current situation of vaccination in Japan and prevalence of Omicron,” Costa Saroukos, CFO at Takeda, said during the company’s Q3 call last week.

COVID-19 mRNA vaccine uptake in Japan

COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Japan is very high. Almost 69% of the population have had at least 3 doses. (click here)

The split is about 78% Pfizer and 22% Moderna (click here):

My take…

Japan has effectively mRNA poisoned most of its population with 382 million doses of mRNA administered. Consequently, it now has the highest excess deaths since World War II.

Thousands of Japanese citizens have died shortly after taking a COVID-19 vaccine but Japan’s Ministry of Health continues to conduct cover-ups of these deaths, even when pathologists have determined a causal link between the death and the vaccine.

However, brave individuals are pushing back in a big way. Leading the charge is Dr.Fukushima who is suing the Japanese government over COVID-19 vaccine adverse event cover-ups, as well as politician Hirofumi Yanagase who is openly calling out the Ministry of Health and paid government lackeys who are conducting cover-ups.

Someone must always make the first move. The first doctor. The first politician. Once these first steps are taken, a house build on a foundation of fraud and deceit cannot remain standing for long.


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Dr. William Makis is a Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology. Governor General’s Medal, University of Toronto Scholar. Author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications.

Featured image is from Hal Turner Radio Show


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5 Responses to “Japan has effectively mRNA poisoned most of its population with 382 million doses of mRNA administered”

  1. Belyi says:

    A friend’s mother-in-law has been in a ‘care’ home in Japan since early 2020 when she broke her hip.

    Against the wishes of my friend’s husband, she has received three jabs. When they wanted to give the 4th a few weeks ago, she was able to refuse. So they made her wear a mask all the time and she was shunned by the rest of the patients. As it is all patients are allowed only on the floor where their room is located, nowhere else.

    Her son is able to visit her in May for the first time in three years. She does have another son in another town but his wife is battling cancer and although I don’t know the situation now, his visits were limited to 10 minutes shouting from the car park!

    • ian says:

      Yes Belyi, terrible. My brother’s mother in law was in a home during lockdown in the UK. She was moved to hospital at the end of lockdown where they found that she’d a broken leg, She died soon after with no inquiry into the injury. A friend of mine had a stroke five years ago and has been cared for by his family. He had to go into hospital for tests, and while in there, developed bed sores which require skin grafts. Hi wife, a really nice woman, was so furious that she was ill, and the anger was still there when I spoke to her today. We don’t have much to look foward to in we end up in “care”.

  2. Tapestry says:

    A 30 year old brother of a colleague collapsed today – has no memory of anything. A neighbour in his fifties has COVID for the fifth time, he called the ambulance yesterday. It’s not just the ‘care’ system which is killing us. And not only the old.

    • ian says:

      I agree Tap. A younger friend, ie an ex work colleague of mine just found out that he had 40% If I remember correctly, heart failure at a work medical. He’s been advised not drink alcohol or do anything too strenuous until they do more tests . It may have saved his life, as quite a few have dropped dead locally. The daughter of one of my wife’s friends took a seizure in a club recently and didn’t know even her mother. Luckily she seems to be recovering to a degree.