Higher cabal slows Russian advances with artillery munitions slowdown

Ukraine says Russia will be short of artillery ammunition for two to three months.  How do they know?

The Wagners are complaining of having their ammunition supply halved.  Now the whole Russian army is being held back as artillery ammunition is, so it is claimed, needed to be brought in from other parts of Russia.

The trains in Russia are not fast, but two weeks is plenty to get a train across the country.  Why three months?  In wartime you would think critical supplies would be given priority.

You would think logistics might have been monitoring supply of such vital things as artillery shells, ahead of time.  I thought there was a war on.

Just as NATO readies to attack with Leopard tanks and maybe other weaponry, Russia finds a way to hamper herself.

This, to my mind, smacks of a higher cabal intervention.  WW2 was littered with similar otherwise inexplicable events.


The Wagners taking Soledar was unexpected, leading to the collapse in Bakhmut.

NATO can’t win a fight with the Wagners, so the cabal has to cut off their supply of weapons and ammunitions, to slow down the war.

WW3 is scheduled to last five years not 6 months.  China’s got to be brought in yet and the world redivided up according to the cabal’s plans.

On social media the story is the Wagners are resupplying and arming themselves with NATO weaponry and ammo,

and they say most of their opposition now are foreigners not Ukrainians.  NATO troops are very quick to surrender, as they are not fighting for their own lands, and they fear the reputation of the Wagners, who are fighting to survive, needing supplies to hold off NATO counteroffensives.  They are highly motivated, and experienced troops – many from Donetsk and Lugansk.  Some are Serbs keen to avenge themselves on Nato.  They love killing Nato troops.

The Wagneras leave the road into Bakhmut open as NATO keeps supplying equipment and ammo into their area.

In this report the topic of ammunition shortage for the Wagners keeps cropping up, with no real explanation why Russian High Command won’t even allow them into their building in Moscow, removing their passses.