Hancock Wants Immunity On Care Home Deaths

Reason to be cheerful! I bought a newspaper; something I rarely do these days. £3 on The Sunday Telegraph. My MP is headline news. At the moment the PCR test and the language of government ministers and civil servants are the focus. At some point the issue of midazolam must surely be addressed by even the legacy media platforms. Today, this front page is a welcome step forward from the dystopian hysteria of covid1984 lockdown rules and regulations.

Matt Hancock has apparently told lawyers his opponents are ‘chasing headlines’. Whether this is an accurate quote or not, I suspect Herr Gruppenführer Midazolam Handycock is watching his back.

From the Chronicle Live artical…

Matt Hancock told a gathering of city lawyers he should be immune from court action over Covid blunders, The Mirror reports – just days before shocking WhatsApp messages he sent during the pandemic were published.

Mr Hancock said he should not be held personally responsible for failings during the fight against Covid-19, such as the Department of Health and Social Care’s failure to safeguard care home residents, simply because he was Secretary of State. Instead he said that “HMG” – the whole Government – should take the blame.

This comes even as prominent campaigners call for the ex-minister to be prosecuted.

Quoting #MattHancockIsALiar #Midazolam @MattHancock #gooddeath 25 March 2021
‘How many have died within 3 weeks of the vax?’
This is word for word, phonetic for phonetic, Herr Gruppenführer’s answer in the @HouseofCommons …

This artwork was removed from Red Bubble months ago. It is an accurate quote. Perhaps the image is revolting, but you’ll find worse on various social media platforms and even public libraries now a days. This image is found among my Kreaturen Der Clownwelt – Clown World Creatures collection:
Um Er Um Er Er Handycock