Global Reset – The Big Lie

Surely, if we are going to have this, er, GLOBAL RESET doesn’t that mean that politicians and their families who profit from FRACKING will have to STOP???

Well, according to residents of the ancient British city of OXFORD, this new idea called ’15 minute cities’ will FINE you for leaving your neighbourhood – what about a healthy walk in the local forest?

Get this: if that forest is not in your designated neighbourhood, then you will have to pay another fine! In fact, if your school, or your job are not in your designated neighbourhood, you are likely to be lumbered with hundreds of FINES per year!

Is CLIMATE CHANGE being used as a ‘camouflage blanket’ to introduce a new form of NAZISM in Europe?

This idea of ’15 minute cities’ is the same as ‘CLIMATE LOCK-DOWNS’. It’s all part of the World Economic Forum’s GLOBAL RESET.

King Charles made a promotional video for the GLOBAL RESET, which is the title of Klaus Schwab’s book…

But wait – there’s more – MUCH more – a new global tax called the CARBON TAX is going to CRASH THE GLOBAL ECONOMY by the following:

  1. 600 MILLION perfectly good vehicles will be dumped in landfills in Europe alone
  2. Household electric bills will be TREBLED within 2 years because of ‘Electric Cars’
  3. All gas stations in your area will be closed by new EU laws
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A Cashless Society works like this: You come across a homeless person suffering from hypothermia on your way to work. You usually would give them some coins to go and buy hot food BUT ALL COINS AND ALL BANK NOTES HAVE BEEN MADE ILLEGAL.