Georhioa’s Maidan brewing

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Georgian Maidan: Fake it till you make it?

NED is ready to crack skulls for Democracy in Georgia, but are Georgians?



A US-funded Georgian NGO holding a bag of nacho chips for Twitter. March 9, 2023

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TBILISI, GEORGIA – After several days of completely organic protests in Tbilisi, on March 9 the ruling party in the land of Kartvelians, Georgian Dream, withdrew legislation that would have compelled foreign-funded media outlets and other paragons of virtue to register as “agents of foreign influence.”

The US Embassy in Georgia celebrated the capitulation with a triumphant press release:

We welcome Georgian Dream’s decision to withdraw both draft laws on “foreign influence.”

We urge the ruling party to officially retract these bills and not pursue further this type of legislation, which is incompatible with Georgian and European values …

A day later, citing Georgian Dream’s incompatibility with “European values and principles,” a group of leading “civil society organizations” announced they were suspending cooperation with Georgia’s parliament on “open government” initiatives…

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