from “Edomites and the British Empire” 1935


From “Edomites and the British Empire” 1935

“The financial Edomite power had been transferred from Amsterdam to London under William III (of Orange) and the chief financiers there were the Sephardim Jews, the Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors, Lopezes, Fonsecas and Seixas-all Marranos. On no account was France to be allowed to develop an Empire and become an independent rival, so England was used to wrest from her her Colonies in India, America, West Indies, Canada. The more Britain expanded, the greater grew the Jewish power and control in the economic and financial realm. A Kaleidoscopic look at the main events of British history from the early part of the 17th century will show the rapid expansion of Britain and her changing political control passing from her own hands into those of men alien to her faith, race and nation.” p.7


3 Responses to “from “Edomites and the British Empire” 1935”

  1. Gordon says:

    They’ve always been the fly in the ointment from the day’s we left Egypt.
    Exo_12:38  And a mixed multitude went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle.
    Neh_13:3  Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the mixed multitude.

    • newensign says:

      That’s right Gordon. Today, instead of leaving because of our law, they have removed our Biblically based Common Law and instead replaced it with Universal Commercial Code/Admiralty Law allowing them to impoverish us through usury. Being such a mycegenated people they were able to blend in with host nations, so the crimes they commit are blamed on their host nation! They also go under the name Gog in the Bible who would come and take a great spoil from the mountains (empires) of Israel – they have stolen our industry, Coal, fish and our gold and silver money replaced it with currency of no value – debt notes. Not to mention stealing our identity as well!!

  2. Gordon says:

    How true!