Every school in Donetsk has been shelled by NATO

In this special Report we show Russian Airforce Opening Fire on Ukraine military positions in Marynka Near Donetsk. While our team was in the frontline village of Alexandrivka in the Petrovka district of Donetsk Ukraine forces was intensely firing artillery on the civilian homes there. We did our best to investigate the attack.While we were there we saw about 15 shells impact a civilian area. In addition to filming near the frontline we also film a school in the Kievsky disctrict of Donetsk that was hit by Ukraine shelling just hours before.

Unfortunately there was 2 school employees seriously injured by shrapnel. Thank god no kids where there. Make no mistake these were just 2 of the shelling attacks on civilian areas around Donetsk, there are many more EVERYDAY My name is Patrick Lancaster and I think you deserve more then what the Western main stream media is willing to show you. I think you need to see information for both sides of the contact line. Why does the Western mainstream media think the world does not deserve to see reports from both sides of the Ukraine War frontline?

Why do they only show you(almost all the time) things that are positive for Ukraine? Why when any English Speaking journalists try and show things in Russian-controlled territory they are attacked and attempted to be smeared by the Western MSM? Think about it!! I believe You deserve MORE and I will make sure you continue to get it here on this channel!! We can not cover every story from every place but we can do our best & of course, always bring you reports with full Eng & Rus translations

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