English independence to save £2000 for every man, woman and child in England per annum

Ned Pamphilon wrote – Robin Tilbrook was on GBNews Mark Dolan. It was a very rare thing for me to turn on the TV, had a roaring fire on the go, turned on GBNews & there came Robin.

Tap replied –

Robin was scheduled from 10.15pm.

Dolan was taken aback by the strength of his arguments, and had to usher him off after a brief encounter, frightened he might offend his royal patron by sympathising with English Independence in any way.

He said Robin could come back on again some time. Let’s see if the powers that be can permit such a thing. The main media won’t carry the Teds at all.

It’s such a simple argument.

Westminster wants England broken up into regions. If the choice is to be broken up or to go independent then go for Independence every time.

The saving to the Exchequer would be in the order of £2000 for each man, woman an child each year, three times more than the saving from Brexit.

The English Democrat party mascot – TED – pictured at a conference by The Guardian.  The Teds are now the best party to support in England – by a country mile – in fact the only party.

Make Life Bearable.  Support the Teds.  And save the country a ton of money.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    Robin gave a figure of £70 billion annually, but he added that when capital spending is made in England, a proportional sum must be spent across the UK in the other members whether they have deserving projects or not. The capital add-on could add £20 billion a year once H2S goes ahead. I am working on an England population of 45 million souls.