Egyptian Hieroglyphs Can Only be translated by Using Welsh! The Ancient British Language!

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Can Only be translated by Using Welsh! The Ancient British Language!

The Origins of Britain & the Welsh/Egyptian Mystery | Ross Broadstock & Alan Wilson | Megalithomania

Alan Wilson, with his partner “Baram” Blackett, has spent his life restoring British history from the neglect and ridicule that it had been subjected to for decades. Together they have untangled Egyptian chronology and identified the Pharaohs and Biblical characters, corrected middle eastern chronology, shown that the Trojan War was five hundred years earlier than thought and who the combatants were and why the war was fought, traced the history of the Cymry/Britons back through the stages of their migrations and back to ancient Assyria and along the way clarified who the King Arthurs were and removed the darkness from the “Dark Ages”. One of their many achievements was to work out and demonstrate that Welsh/Cymraeg was the language behind the hieroglyphs and how straight-forward they became to read once this was known. Demonstrating this is the subject of the Megalithomania presentation. Wilson and Blackett’s published works include – Arthur the War King, Arthur the King of Glamorgan and Gwent, Arthur and the Charters of the Kings, The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, The King Arthur Conspiracy, Moses in the hieroglyphs and The Trojan War of 650BC. New books are on the way, including Britain’s Hidden Christianity – How Jesus and the Christian message came first to Britain after the crucifixion (Due for release in 2021). Ross Broadstock was passed the baton by Wilson and Blackett and dedicated himself to promoting and continuing their great work. After graduating as a Management Scientist from the London School of Economics, where he was the editor of the University publication The Beaver, Ross went on to have a successful career in advertising. After returning from six years working in the Middle-East Ross returned to his native Wales where he has set up Cymroglyphics Ltd to publish and promote the work of Wilson and Blackett and related writers. Alongside this is the growing Britains Hidden History Facebook group (…) and Youtube channel (   / britainshiddenhis…  ) which publishes videos on an almost daily basis. His new book, Cymroglyphics is a guide to reading and writing hieroglyphs for yourself and contains many real examples and exercises to hone your skills. Lecture and Q & A recorded at the Megalithomania Online Conference 2021:…. Join us on Patreon:


3 Responses to “Egyptian Hieroglyphs Can Only be translated by Using Welsh! The Ancient British Language!”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Ancient Egyptian is Hebrew. The Nile was called the Ebro. They spoke Hebrew there – in Egypt not in Judaea. The Jews were the Pharoahs as proved by Ralph Ellis’ decades long research. The ones who came to Ireland, Wales and Scotland were descended from Gaythel or Gael from who the Gaelic languages are named. He and Queen Scota left Egypt around 1800 BC, and their descendants settled in Scotia (Ireland’s first name as in Nova Scotia) .
    Their son was called Hiber from which comes Hibernian – Hibernia being Scotland’s first name. Same as Ebro. Same as Hebrew. Izas came to Britain also but as a prisoner of the Romans who built Chester to hold the captured leaders of the Jewish Revolt after AD 70. He lived in the Chester prison until his death, permitted to practise his Nazarene beliefs. I wonder if a background in advertising is ideal for publishing historical accuracy in every case! And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time Walk Upon England’s Mountains Green? Yes they did, but not quite as advertised! As for KIng Arthur, I strongly recommend reading Ralph Ellis at Enjoy!

    • newensign says:

      Thanks for this additional info Tap. I am aware of the Hebrew connection with Britain and indeed with Europe as a whole. You rightly mention Ebro, did you know that, that name was the name of river running through York and the Roman name of the city Eborum where Constantine ruled from. They have falsified our history to make us believe we were once ignorant wild savages living here!!

      • Tapestry says:

        There is still a river Ebro in Spain to this day – named by Gael and Scota’s descendants. Interesting about York. Vikings Phoenicians. Hebrews….