Cinematic spring offensive

War as theatre.  Wasn’t war always theatre?  They call them theatres of war.  In the past the notion that media would set the military agenda was not comprehensible.  Yet most WW1 and WW2 battles make little sense militarily.  Today with internet commentary on tap, it is hard to disguise the fact that war is merely theatre, laid on by rich impresarios who want to get richer and more powerful, through dedication to their God – Satan.  Zelya’s an actor, hired to play his part.  The Devil is enjoying the show.  Mankind is shocked to the core by the brutality and destruction.  Only in the main media do they try to make it all appear as some kind of sense.  It’s all lies.  Yet most people sadly are taken in by the propaganda – a necessary part of the show.  There’s always a baddie – a Napoleon, a Hitler, a Saddam Hussein, a Ghadaffi, a Putin.  There’s always the goodies – the only side with any victims – this time the Ukrainians.  It’s no different to the techniques of Christmas pantomime.  Then come the heroes.  Zelensky at this time.  What a joke.

Let’s stop falling for the show.  It’s all fake.  The war could be stopped in a second.  No one needs it.  No one wants it.  Apart from the big money men who control our world.  They want it.

They control the political parties across the board – apart from The Teds.  We still have one party that says it like it is as regards this war.  Yet few as yet are listening.

These deaths are someone’s son, someone’s dad, someone’s brother.  Join the Teds.