British provide intelligence for Ukraine missile attack on Sebastopol. Are we mad?

Russia’s reponse so far is not to take any retaliatory action……(story right at start of video).  We in the UK obviously want trouble.  We just do whatever pedo Biden commands.  Blowing up pipelines driving up prices across Europe..  Attack Russia’s military bases.  Cut ourselves off from all the commodities we need by applying sanctions.  Russia wants to save her people.  The British clearly do not.  Back The Teds.  Get rid of the old parties.  Have a future.

(36) Russian Guided Bombs as a game changer. Wagner. Bakhmut. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.03.24 – YouTube

tapirkanmaa29 minutes ago
“Liveumap [a pro-NATO resource] showing a significant Russian advance in the South at Avdeevka reaching Lastochkino….best to wait for further confirmation from other sources” (TG / Cyberspec News)
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One Response to “British provide intelligence for Ukraine missile attack on Sebastopol. Are we mad?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Yes “we” are mad

    The “we” in question being our British Establishment, certainly not the British people

    You can count me out of that Establishment “we”, I do not consent to ANY of this madness

    The “we” of the British people have no practical say in any of the madness either do they? We are not “represented” in any significant way in Parliament are we?

    So yes, back the Teds. What is there to lose? Who else is there that will represent us?