Bread and Circus 2023 Style

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have noticed that there is an awful lot of activity going on across all sectors of life at the moment. Drama here, trauma there, add in the odd meltdown and threat of world wide doom and the current environment we are incarnate in seems to be pretty miserable and challenging.

So what’s it all about?

For me it’s all modern day bread and circus to keep the masses dumbed-down, engaged in minutia and keep their focus off of what’s really going on and engaged in the world of fiction.

Many researchers both professional and amateur have offered pieces of the puzzle which are there for the informed reader and open minded observer to take and attempt to combine in to some kind of answer. Link the Dutch farmer issue to the changing weather patterns with the now obviously toxic medical intervention and rapid emergence of the control and dependency state and for me at least an answer emerges.

I’ve followed to works of David DuByne for quite a while and for me he offers one of the biggest pieces which is the ending and/or conjoining of solar cycles. Add in the other info on offer and my belief has been and strongly is now that we’re in a period of energetic change. Dielectric, magnetic, electric, emotional, spiritual and probably things we don’t even know about. The dreaded unknown unknown.

My belief is that ultimately this cannot be stopped and if we can hold out until it happens and passes, go through the pain of awakening and treat it as the gift it is offered as then we can, should and hopefully will return to our divine higher state. Something the current rulers, dictators, manipulators and kappos will struggle to do. It’s possible for them but will be hard as we may see in the coming months and years.

Is it going to be a rocky ride? Yes. Will our resolve, nerve and courage be tested? Yes. Is Gary Lineker and his treacherous accomplices going to stop this? No.

It will be very challenging but ultimately a non bread and circus world will be offered for those who chose to claim it.

Remember when the fun starts you are divine, are ultimately powerful and when firing on all cylinders. Unstoppable.

In peace.


3 Responses to “Bread and Circus 2023 Style”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree John, it can’t be stopped. The so-called reset is their system crumbling. We have been told “who can make war with the Beast” and we are told “to come out of her”. This means forming our own local council in parallels to their system, rather reminiscent to the days of merry England whom the usurers called the dark ages, because they were not able to practice their evil trade. The law was fixed in those days, being the law of the land, the Common Law. Local rules could be made, provided the Common Law wasn’t infringed. Hence we had rulers!
    No Parliament, just the king’s court which dealt with matters of the Kingdom and external. Lex/Rex (The King under the Law) then when the Popes took control it became Rex/Lex (King above the Law). This was possible with honest weights/measures and the Law. Law of the Land and honest money. Do you see these 2 points mentioned in any manifesto?
    There was no need for a huge civil service, police, standing army (the population were the army), nor prisons as restitution was required if found guilty, if unable to pay, debt had to be worked off as a slave. Nor was there a need for a financial industry. Without this huge army of useless eaters there was plenty of time to follow one’s own pursuits.
    If one looks up the root meaning of terrorism, one finds it means government atrocities to keeps its people subservient. This and FEAR as generated by the MSM is all part of it (False Evidence Appearing Real!!!

    • John says:

      I totally agree. The system has grown to its maximum size. It’s now time to reverse that and shrink it back down. Ultimately down to individual responsibility.

  2. Tapestry says:

    90% of media reporting is fake – bread and circuses. Also depressing and worrying for people to watch. In fact as we Teds say, unbearable…