Ben Norton – Xi blasts US ‘containment, encirclement’ of China, Foreign Min. slams ‘hysterical neo-McCarthyism’

Excellent analysis by Ben Norton, illustrating the vast chasm which exists between the intellectual level of the US politicians/neocons and the Chinese leadership, their self-expression, use of metaphors etc. Ben and others whom he quotes point out that the Chinese are now speaking unusually explicitly. He also points out how the Chinese Foreign Minister, who was formerly their Ambassador to the US,  clearly distinguishes between the US Government and the US population. That they do not want a new Cold War, but are also not afraid, and determined to remain calm. This is well worth a listen.



President Xi Jinping denounced the US-led Western attempt to “contain, encircle, and suppress China”. Foreign Minister Qin Gang condemned Washington’s “hysterical neo-McCarthyism” and “malicious confrontation”, opposing the “cold war mentality”. Sources and more information here:…

US ambassador arrogantly lectures China ‘threat’: ‘We’re the leader in this region (Asia)’!:…

US admits weather pushed Chinese balloon off course, US shot down hobbyists’ $12 balloon in $2M missile attack:…

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  1. danceaway says:

    PS As the edit function has been removed, I will add here that the comments beneath this video are truly excellent and very encouraging to read. Many people can see what is going on.

    • ian says:

      Great video, and as you say D’, if you pop over to YouTube, the comments are excellent too.