4 Responses to “Banned Video, forwarded by Gordon”

  1. ian says:

    Whilst speaking to a friend today, the high spirits and lack of care in the vaxxed was mentioned. Not a care in the world, most of them at least. No knowledge or interest in anything much, and just coasting along. It brought to mind, “You vill own nossing but you vill be happy”. Does anyone like I do, suspect that the arm stab might be involved in this. I don’t think the stab itself would do it, but perhaps the software that was installed with it. Can frequencies for example affect mood. I’d like your thoughts please. thanks, ian.

    • newensign says:

      Frequencies can do all of that Ian/Gordon. Radionics uses frequencies even to grow back missing limbs repair damaged DNA. People can even be treated remotely from London to someone in Australia by having a swab or bit of finger nail – the body knows where all its separated DNA is – that is why the Government is keen to get a database of everyone’s DNA so they make people ill remotely or assassinate them!

  2. newensign says:

    I can’t open it Ian/Gordon – It seems to be linked to a talktalk app. Error Message:
    Bad Request
    SVL-0002 Categories=ERROR Message=’Missing cookie: open-xchange-public-session-AY3buWwEcS6v5KccW4L6iA. Please re-login.’ exceptionID=383874339-14468949

  3. ian says:

    Hi Gordon/newensign. Really. It likely is banned then. I can watch it, but my knowledge of such things, is extremely limited, so sorry.