Banker’s budget. £4000 a year interest to be paid by every UK family in perpetuity (via taxes)

Hunt’s Budget is a banker’s budget.  UK debt is being maintained at 100% of GDP ongoing.   All of this so-called debt is simply issued money from a computer screen.

The money was never there at all waiting to be lent.  It was created to order by the Bank Of England which has been given the right to issue money, and charge interest on it.

Until the Bank Of England arrived, governments had to balance their books.  Since the Bank Of England (apart from under Thatcher) the debt has always grown bigger.

The average family today has to pay £4,000 a year in interest – to cover the government’s idiocy, and the greed of the private Rothschild owned Bank of England.

20 million families pay £4,000 a year each to a single family (Rothschild), which uses the money to foster things like pandemics, world government, world wars and other evil schemes designed to make them even richer,

and drive down the rest.

If the government issued its own money rather than giving the job to the Bank Of England, there would be no interest payable at all.

Jeremy Hunt descends from a major East India Company shareholder.  I’m sure they have paid no tax for three hundred years, relative to the billions kept offshore.

Tax is a system to maintain the poverty of the people while the few keep them in servitude.

There’s one thing you can be sure of, if the government fails to start issuing its own interest free money, the sums forecast will be bigger when the time comes.

There’s no way the bankers will allow Public Sector net borrowing to go as low as 1.7% of GDP.

They are making way for a splurge on World War 3 no doubt (or a financial crash as is happening at this moment).  It’s been going on like this even since 1693.  The Jewish bankers were brought in by Cromwell.

So much for Parliamentarians.  They were bankers, who used the Protestant cathopilc divide to insert themselves in control of England and thereby the world.

Scotland was brought in a few years later – 1707, and similarly enslaved.

But England was the first to be enslaved by the bankers, and we are still so enslaved.

Support the English Democrats who are holding their conference on Saturday…the only political party to stand against war, and in favour of ending the monopoly over money held by the bank Of England.

The key fiscal forecasts (HSBC report for government statistics and forecasts)

2022/23          2023/24            2024/25            2025/26            2026/27               2027/28

Public sector net debt

(excl. Bank of England) – % of GDP*                 88.9                92.4                     93.7                   94.6                      94.8                         94.6
General govt gross debt – % of GDP                 103.7              106.9                   107.8                 108.0                   108.3                        107.7
Public sector net borrowing – % of GDP              6.1                  5.1                        3.2                    2.8                          2.2                            1.7
Taxes – % of GDP                                                   36.8               36.9                      37.3                  37.3                        37.7                          37.7
Net debt interest – £ billion                               103.1                75.2                      61.4                  65.2                        77.3                          82.4

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