5 Responses to “An Overview of what this man has learned from 14 years of listening to NDE accounts; interview”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Great post Danceaway. I’m going to listen to the rest now….

  2. Tapestry says:

    Very interesting video. Only thing they don’t cover is the existence of demonic forces in the afterlife, and how these also affect life on earth. I met a fellow two weeks ago who described an out of body near death experience in hospital. They are the norm, not something exceptional. It’s just that no one tells you. He’s very good at seeing the positives and in total empowered me. Thanks for posting danceaway. A really great post.

  3. ian says:

    Yes d’ I watched it, and found it very interesting. I’ve mentioned before on Tap, that I occasionally get vivid dreams. They can be hard to decipher as they usually have high stress levels mixed up with ordinary ideas. I see it as picking up brainwaves or similar along with ordinary dreaming, sort of like being between two radio messages, ie confused but the info is there. I wake up stressed and breathing heavily. I saw the Piper Alpha men. I told Jinty when I woke and she asked me what was wrong, that I saw orange men in boats and terror. I won’t go over the others as I’ve mentioned one or two already. They are very scary, but it has made me very aware, that there is far more than we are led to believe, when it come to our mind/soul/spirit whatever.

    • ian says:

      Just to be clear, re Piper Alpha, I can’t remember the time, but I was sleeping as I worked shifts at the time, and Jinty was up. I had the dream, then it was on TV later, hence it was probably ongoing as I dreamed of it.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I am sure that there are millions of trapped souls who can’t get to the light experienced in NDEs. The influence of demonic forces keeps people from going to rest – or to their next level. These spirits can be delivered by experts who work in this field – outside the churches who don’t like spirits being released for some reason. The Satanic forces want to stop humans from living content lives and from ‘dying’ in contentment, so they remain trapped after death. Those who want global government and appalling regimes destroying human freedoms are surely aiming to trap as much of the human race as they can, as trapped souls lost in the dark zone after death. The speaker says the dark state is only temporary but this is not what we see with the ghosts that haunt the earth that are still around centuries or millennia later. He says only 5% of those returning from NEDs are from the dark state, while 95% come back from a heavenly experience. Maybe it’s not so easy to return once you[ve crossed into the darkened state. There is a big job to do releasing trapped souls and driving out demons from our realm. Other sources focus on these elements and should not be ignored. It’s great that the light is there and waiting for us and helping us when we show interest in being helped, but the tendency amongst the alternative researchers to focus on the angelic and ignore the demonic is not an effective strategy in my opinion. We need to understand both aspects to navigate our way to the shore.