Do not confuse American Federal Government with American people

My reply to someone who wants the USA gone:

Martin, it’s hard to believe right now, but the US is what stands between you and the NWO world where you live in  a15 min city with 24/7 surveillance and eat roaches.

Do not confuse American Federal Government with American people and their real governance.

Domestically, the federal government is weak.

There are States right now that are legislating against the digital federal currency which is planned to become the social credit voucher like in China.

The courts struck down every covid mandate.

There are States that made social media providers legally liable for censorship.

Then there is still the 2nd amendment.

Then there are sheriffs that do not enforce illegal regulations.

Then there are parents that are taking their schools back by removing neoliberal school boards and parents that remove their kids from schools and do home schooling instead.

Yes, American federal government and its foreign policy has been hijacked by the British and people are powerless to do much about it.

But if the NWO cannot pin the US down domestically, it cannot happen.

Don’t look to China to stop it – it is pioneering the NWO policies.

Europe, Canada and Australia are not far behind.

Russia is so under China that it may roll over (but expect Russian people to dodge it with civil disobedience – they have centuries of practice and the know how).

The overlords are doing everything right now for America to self destruct.

If American people manage to keep calm right now and carry on fighting the NWO locally and through courts, the overlords are going to self destruct instead.

Pray for American people to succeed.

Ella Moss.

What’s happening in Ukraine:
Russia is already fighting NATO in Ukraine, although unofficially, and now Ukraine/ NATO is gearing up for the spring counter offensive, while Russian attack we all have been waiting for since December never came.

So it is going to be a long protracted war with whole a lot of losses on each side.What China is going to to if NATO is going to enter that war officially: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as usual. My money is on China waiting for Russia to bleed out and then take Siberia.

Argentina is not going to go by the way of Libya, because American hegemony is dying, and Chinese hegemony is rising and it is quite obvious for everyone, except maybe Americans.

The NWO is going with China full speed because China is already implementing the WEF agenda, so the NWO is trying to overextend the US on the outside, while bleeding it financially on the inside, because it knows that Americans are going to resist the WEF agenda as long they have their country.

The NWO has already gotten the EU and the rest of the collective west in the noose and is just tightening.

If you see the jerking moves of the collective West kicking the air here and there – it’s the agony.

Soon no one is going to be able to control the prices of money metals, because the financial system we have used to know is being dismantled as we speak.

But don’t count on your silver coins too much, because they are going to make it illegal to buy or sell them.

You may be able to still use them on the black market, which I expect/ hope to become too huge for the NWO to control.

You might also be able to use your Bitcoin via private wallets exchange.

But neither money metals no crypto are going to be convertible to the NWO digital currency coming soon near you.

So hold on to America, elect patriotic sheriffs and good people in your local legislature and pray that we make inroads with them into the fully captured federal government.

RE – the rising interest rates from the Federal Reserve –

Ella adds -If you ask me, this is the systematic killing of the small banks, so the Fed could take over with its digital currency

the usa peace flag