People ask me why Russia is not winning the war

People ask me why Russia is not winning the war. It’s a difficult question and I don’t know the answer, but I do know that Russia is not winning. And if they don’t win the war, they do the opposite.

But if someone asks me why Russia is losing the information war (which is no less important than military, economic or political war) I can easily explain.

VK blocked my account for 24 hours for posting about a 14 year girl murdered by US/Ukrop nazi shelling. Yandex maps uses ukrop names for cities that are under ukrop attack – “Bakmut”, “Horlivka”. Even BING maps (Microsoft) uses the Russian names – Artemovsk and Gorlovka. VK is Russian Facebook, Yandex is Russian Google. That they both connive and collaborate with western nazis is unforgivable. As is the Russian government’s failure to nationalize these strategic assets, and remove them from the hands of traitors.

Russia has the power to win this war. If Russia loses this war for the future of Russia, and the future of Humanity, it will not be because of the power of our enemies, it will be because of the power of the traitors in our midst that we failed to deal with.

Russell Bentley

Patrick Lancaster reports from Bakhmut.  Russell calls Patrick ‘a piece of shit’!  – too commercial maybe….

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