Your Smart Phone and the Spirit World, What Fun

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of us all?
Her lips blood red,
her hair like night,
her skin like snow,
her name snow white.

All computer, television and mobile phone screens are black with a reflective coating. But did you know there is a history behind enigmatic black screens, and they are called scrying mirrors. Divination was a widespread belief in the Middle Ages where people would look into pools of water or black mirrors allegedly to predict the future. The most famous advisor to Elizabeth Ist was Captain John Dee, a terribly interesting character.

Born in 1527 the Renaissance thinker John Dee was interested in all sorts of mathematics, geometry, astronomy, astrology, alchemy, and the Occult. Having read quite a bit of literature on this remarkably interesting individual ultimately.

Having existed in pre-enlightenment Europe which was a time that gave credence to all sorts of magic and things considered unholy.

He used his exploits as a scientific adviser to the Queen from 1550 to 1570 and she herself gravitated towards the supernatural.

Dee was often recited to be using such things as crystal balls and other tools of Occultic belief but the most interesting possession he had was a handheld mirror made of obsidian. This strikingly polished black mirror was of Aztec origin, but no known records exist to show how Dee managed to obtain it.

Obsidian generates diverse types of fluorescents allowing chemical composition to create patterns on the surface of the object including an individual’s reflection but with a different frequency light. Obsidian as an element is only found around volcanoes so therefore has limited sources as a material. Dee’s mirror matched the periodic table profile of Mexican origin and therefore was in the region of the Aztecs.

Presently there are 18 mirrors of this type in the world with some minor variations, but it is clear these were rare objects. The mirrors we thought to have been polished using bat guano and that guano was used against evil on door thresholds in the same way Salt was used in Europe to prevent evil entering the property.

He used scrying mirrors every Sunday to allegedly advise her on what he saw.

Still to this day some people claim that looking into black polished mirrors help with meditation, and others divinity.

There is however something more interesting when it comes to these devices, their screens and the language that exists in their components.

Daemon is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek Daimon (God like, Power, Fate), which originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit. This word was entrenched in Hellenistic religious and philosophical mythology of the time. The word derived from the Proto Indo European daimon which meant provider, divider of fortunes and destinies.
In more recent history a chap called Fernando José Corbató invented the deamon process on computing.

The name was because this kind of process is similar to the Maxwell deamon experiment (with molecules). Maxwell put this theory to his name. It is a fast way of dealing with things at a mathematical level and worth a little research.
The new super computers work using the same programs and this speed of light processing is called D-WAVE or Daemon-Wave
Deamons run the show.

When you set up any software on any electronic device, the set up assistant is actually called a WIZARD. These wizards take you step by step through the process to take on board your program so you are being programmed for your Daemons.

All these de-vice-s have ports or portals to connect to the inter or ether NET.
Now let’s think about the people who create this software or as they are commonly called developers but look at the word if you put the hieroglyph in, you get DEVEL-LOPER.

The hard drives of computers are called SATA storage ( serial SATA-Attachment) which again is only one digit away from Satan.

Your iPhone, Me-Phone, My-Phone is a Personal De-Vice. De-Vice or Devils- Vice.
Consider the EYE-Phone further. SIRI in your Eye-Phone is the reverse spelling of IRIS, a component to focus the human eye.
Now consider the fact that when you look into your camera phone it is a direct reflection of yourself but, take a selfie and inversion happens, your left ear becomes your right ear and you’re right eye becomes your left.

Electronic devices use electricity which is channelled like channelling, and this allows the device to perform like a servant and where do the daemons servants go when u switch the phone off?

A further question that needs to be asked is why have Samsung Galaxy called their Z flip 3-5G smart phone the black mirror edition?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I’ll always get up after I Fall.
Whether I run, walk, or have to crawl,
I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.

Question Everything

gary of the House of fraughen – Author – Researcher – Public Speaker


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  1. newensign says:

    Very good info Gary. Most people have no idea of the dangers of these modern scrying mirrors. you see them walking down the road quite oblivious to what’s going on around them – the cause of many accidents. They are probably unaware of the health issues caused by the phone and that if you fall foul of the deep state, one could be taken out by an induced heart attack via the mobile. The mobiles and televisions are an ideal tool for indoctrinating and controlling the masses by the Satanists who have gradually taken control of the leavers of power down through the centuries.