War of the worlds

For those who do not understand why the United States needs war so much.

American imports of goods exceeded exports by a record, the US trade deficit in 2022 rose to a record $948.1 billion, according to reports from the US Department of Commerce!

This means that the United States consumes almost a trillion dollars more goods per year than they produce themselves.

And to pay for their crazy consumption, they stupidly print unsecured dollars, throwing this waste paper all over the world and threatening sanctions and war to all those who disagree.

This is what the most important parasite in the world looks like, which provides itself with a “rich life” at the expense of most of humanity, driving billions of people into poverty and ruin.

It is against this world evil that the war is now going on, limiting this monster is like death for him, but Russia and China are actively engaged in this difficult issue.

Scott Ritter.

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