Ukraine readies to invade Moldova

Old Chippy writes – DIMA!, you missed the easiest solution. The Russians can just blow up all the ammo dumps. Ukraine remains in the situation of having no artillery shells, and RF is nor largely impacted by the loss. Once there is no ammo to obtain there is few reasons for Ukr to engage and suffer losses they can ill afford. In the old language, “poison the wells”.

Russian Federation warns of Ukrainian plans t0 invade Transdniestria – they want to get their hands on the huge Soviet era ammo depot located there.  Wyatt describes his views of the strategic situation.  Why has been Mariupol been hit with missile strikes, he adds?  Wyatt discusses the various possibilities.

Alexander Christoforou says Russia is also getting low on ammunition, and is seeking supplies from China.  Is this the big issue now?  Ammunition supplies for both sides.



One Response to “Ukraine readies to invade Moldova”

  1. danceaway says:

    I thought Alex said that is is projection on the side of the west, not that Russia is getting low; he spoke of Medvedev visiting the factories which are working 24/7. I thought he said that he doesn’t know.