They poisoned us. The killing in Ohio. This was intentional. This is mass murder.

The “Railroad Officials”…never a name always some entity, group etc.. Who made that decision. Who signed off on nobody from the railroad being at the meeting? Who is the murdering coward who signed off on the decision(s) to do burn these chemicals off instead of control the spill? Who are the “community leaders”… they don’t name them. Why? No accountability. You cannot sue a “community leader”. You cannot sue an “official”. Who EXACTLY BY NAME is calling the shots at every organization, agency, entity or corporation? Sue them in both their personal and professional capacity. They do not have immunity when they screw up and commit crimes. Here are some links to other information:

A video about the movie “White Noise”:
MASSIVE FUKUSHIMA EVENT UNFOLDS IN OHIO – Breathe deeply and shelter in place:
Who owns the railroad in that part of Ohio:
NWO Owners of Norfolk Southern:

If I were railroad “officials” I would be worried about being murdered. Quite frankly it has come to a point in this country (corporation) where I don’t believe there will be any change without bloodshed. It may take dragging some murderers out in the street and doing away with them to get this to stop. That apparently may be all they understand. I am not advocating or urging anyone to do that, it however seems that it may take drastic measures to stop these criminals and curb their activity. I believe they commit crimes with absolutely no worry of any consequences. The entire system is corrupt and must be corrected. How clean it up is the question on the table.

More videos you may find interesting unless and until some pussy gets them taken down:
And now for the news. Uh oh BUSTED!

Killed her boyfriend, mutilated the corpse and sexually assaulted it. Attacks her attorney in court.

Sue these M*Fers in both their personal and professional capacity. FILE ON THEIR BONDS

Man comes home and catches a dude peepin in the window at his wife. Ouch. 😆 Looks painful.

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