The Lie in the Sky – The Final Card

Phil Slater

Tribe, we have to put everything derailing this Fake Alien Invasion psy-op, as this is also how we can prevent it.

Just make sure everyone knows they are lying and only doing this because of things like the Scamdemic failing (they can’t hide the vax deaths now), Russia wining is obvious now, and Biden busted over Nordstream. The Globalists are now years behind in their agenda and this would be the last roll of the dice to get their Great Reset.

But this is their most risky one ever. They are not comfortable doing it. But making a massive noise about this psy-op will get them to chicken out and drop it.

It’s the only game in town for the time being as far as I am concerned and we can knock it out with information and knowledge spread effectively.

Thomas Sheridan

Video: The Lie in the Sky – “Alien” Invasion – BLUEBEAM TEST RUN?


2 Responses to “The Lie in the Sky – The Final Card”

  1. ian says:

    “make sure everyone knows that they’re lying”. Oh I wish it was that easy.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Russia is suddenly engaging in wrong tactics in Ukraine since Surovikin was moved to the side. Gerasimov is using a convoy system moving tanks and heavy weapons providing juicy targets for NATO. This you might think is an error of judgement, but is simply typical of WW2 and WW1. The higher cabal runs the war as Churchill said, controlling both sides, and orchestrating them to make the war last longer and cause more casualties. Patton wanted to invade the Ruhr in 1944 and end the war, crossed the Rhine and then had his fuel supply cut off by Eisenhower. Now we see stupidity breaking out within Russia’s command and you wonder if we are starting to see cabal control appearing in Russia’s ranks. Many German officers believed Hitler was working for the other side which is why they tried to assassinate him, failing narrowly. See the film Valkyrie with Tom Cruise…..many brave Germans tried to stop the slaughter of millions.