The gameplan

The whole game is starting to show.

Europe will have nothing left once Ukraine falls to Russia in a couple of years from now.  Our whole arsenal will be depleted.

NATO will still refuse a peace settlement so Russia will have no option other than to carry on and eventually occupy the whole of Europe.

Russia’s troops will be demobbed, and two years more after that, just as in the US in 1947, the Satanists will appear from behind the scenes – CIA, Bretton Woods, NATO, all 1947 from the US.

The Russian Satanists will push out Lavrov, Putin, Shoigu and the one world government will run the whole European terrain from Moscow.


This is the same trick that left the US in control of Europe, and the Nazis in control of the US when everyone thought the war was fought to defeat the Nazis.


Zelensky will be rescued by the British as were Hitler and Napoleon.

Boris Johnson keeps assuring Zelensky he’s safe as long as he throws out all politicians who want to negotiate peace, and keep the war plan on track.

When he’s lifted to safety as Kiev falls, he’ll leave a double behind for media disposal.   He’ll then grow a long Jewish beard and wear a wide rimmed black hat.  His gangster voice will return to normal.  Not a soul will recognise him.

The West must know that Russia is winning.  Yet our ‘dear’ leaders seem entirely happy with that.

Work it out.


One Response to “The gameplan”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The West no doubt has devastating space weaponry available – which can bring Russia to heel with endless fires, earthquakes, or other catastrophes. Turkey’s getting a taste just now. Either way the West seems unbothered by Russian military prowess and capacity.