The Alternative View Conference October 2023

Leonardo Hotel Milton Keynes 22 October 2023

AV13 Tickets are Now on Sale

The AV Team are pleased to announce that AV13 has been confirmed for the 22nd October 2023. It will be a one day multi speaker conference held in the Leonardo Hotel, Milton Keynes, UK.

AV13 has a few changes which we are sure will you will like.

Firstly, Gary Fraughen is our guest host. Gary is an established AV speaker in his own right. We feel he has a wealth of knowledge and insight to bring to this prestigious role previously occupied by Ian R Crane and Brian Gerrish. This change frees Brian up to work on his own presentation and research. Gary will be hosting, presenting and delivering his rounding up comments as the event closes.

Secondly we have David DuByne presenting over live stream from the USA. David was unable to make AV13 in person but as we were very keen to have him present we’re hooking him up to the big screen where we’re sure he will deliver a fantastic presentation from his home studio.

AV13 aims to deliver a fantastic conference experience for all to enjoy and remember.

Chose Your Ticket

There will be a ticket and ticket plus lunch option. There are rooms available in the venue hotel and other hotels locally for those wanting to stay over rather than travel on the Sunday morning. We aim to make this event accessible to all budgets.

We expect this event to sell out rapidly so book early to guarantee your place.

The AV team and speakers look forward to seeing you in person after a three year break. Book your ticket early for this fantastic gathering and lets network, share ideas and be around like minded souls.


7 Responses to “The Alternative View Conference October 2023”

  1. ian says:

    Cheers for that John.

  2. John says:

    No probs Ian. We’re all excited about it. Live streams are great but you can’t beat getting together with like minded people.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Especially when the people you live with don’t understand what you’re on about most of the time!

  4. NPP says:

    The UKC Christians in collaboration with ‘pagan’ Thomas Sheridan.

    • Tapestry says:

      We all talk to the same God Ned. Religions get in the way sometimes, but even they can’t hide the power of goodness when we call on spiritual forces and work as one. The spirits will call on you, but only if you respond by taking action. Otherwise they fall silent, and give up. That they are there is beyond doubt, and known by peoples in all eras. Only today where media has moved in on all fronts is it possible to conceive of a world without spiritual power. Our enemies know this only too well. Their strongest suit has been to deprive humanity of spiritual knowledge or even interest. They actively call on demons and make sacrifices to them. Pagans were ahead of the game and knew how to defend themselves, with spiritual counteroffensives. The first act of the Romans when introducing Christianity was to massacre all the Druids (our previous pathway to God and the spiritual world). The Roman system is based on permitting priests (and all other officials of their system) to commit acts of paedophilia. That’s how it’s lasted so well, sadly.