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Summary of President Putins Speech:
“We will resolve the outstanding tasks”
Betrayal of Russia and Donbass
People in the West are used as tools for lies
We (Russia) were open to dialogue and still are.
US has Military bases all over the world 150 billion dollars spent on weapons but only 60 billion spent on poorest countries
The West doesn’t care about the death and destruction they cause as they have trillions at stake. Suppression of freedom of thought in the west, as they insult other world leaders. (Many references to WW2)
Destabilisation by the West on the borders of Russia as they did in the 1930’s
We are not at war with the people of Ukraine.
They are under occupation
The longer this goes on, we shall have to push them (the west) from our borders
“We will respond adequately”
Holy texts are increasingly ignored in the west. Gender neutral god “God forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing”
People in the west are going mad. This is their problem.
We will protect our children.
Traitors who despise their native land and profit from their country’s troubles.
Praise for all the units and servicemen.
I bow down before the parents and spouses of participants
Praise for volunteers and journalists
Praise for the people of Donbass, their bravery in the face of threats and violence.
Standing ovation
Scaling up social programs in donbass, investment like crimea
Soldiers fighting for ancestors and children
Establishing a state program to support and care for families of soldiers
Every veteran and family shall have their own personal social worker
Special program to subsidise rent and housing for defence workers.
The state will pay.
Focus on cities with defence industries
Military, information and economic war unleashed on russia.
It has failed, and will not succeed in any form.
Sanctions are hurting themselves
West want to make russia suffer 1
trillion rubles spent supporting the economy but not printed!
GDP decrease of 2.1%
Despite claims Russia would be destroyed.
It has strengthened relations and increased trade deals in rubles.
Independent of dollar and western currencies
Dollar will lose it’s universal role.
By their own hands. Not russia.
“Cannons instead of Butter.”
We should not repeat previous mistakes
Praise for farmers.
Export volume to reach 55-60 million tonnes of grain.
There were no decreases in the job market.
We have increased employment 4.7% unemployment before covid, now 3.7% – record low.
Victory for russia, kindergartens, industry.
Expand ties and logistics.
Development of ports in the black sea and sea of azov
Strengthen North South Corridor.
Iran, pakistan.
Eastern direction of railways.
Northern Sea route.
Development of Siberia Gasification free of charge for houses and kindergartens
4.5 trillion rubles to be invested over ten years
Subsidised loans for industry upto 500 million rubles at 3-5% for 7 years 10 trillions worth of projects to be implemented.
2 trillion to be invested in the nearest period.
Accelerate launch.
Tax benefits to companies that need it.
Russian companies can reduce income tax if they buy russian IT solutions and AI
No need to borrow money from other countries
Russian banks are stable and sustainable with good reserves
Loans to corporate entities grew 14% more than 2021 before SMO 11.7% growth in 2021
Total sum of mortgages grew by 24%.
203 billion rubles profit Q2
Shaping strategy to long term credit rates and more accessibility to credit and improve savings.
Create better conditions for people to invest and earn money domestically.
Protect savings and retirement funds with insurance.
Better conditions for pension funds.
Insurance against bankruptcy.
Capital for growing businesses and better terms for domestic stock markets.
Freedom of entrepreneurship.
We should not ignore crimes, but must not have an excessive punitive approach.
Additional measures to de-offshorise.
Reference collapse of soviet union, new economy based on private ownership of property modelled on western countries.
Many countries wanted to advise, we just copied.
EU and USA argued about the Russian economy.
Russia was viewed as a source of raw commodities.
We have restructured the system of governance to support investment.
Western companies had access to capital, but started flowing to the west.
Instead of investing in Russia, oligarchs bought luxury properties abroad.
They sent their child abroad to study.
We lived in a western paradigm.
They got scammed out of their money.
None of the citizens of Russia had any sympathy for those who lost their money, mansions or yachts. They were pitting international terrorists against us.
For the west, such people have been second rate aliens.
There is another choice.
Be with your country, your motherland, work for your fellow citizens.
The future of Russian business is with entrepreneurs.
The source of well being is being in russia.
Don’t humiliate yourself trying to get your money back from the west.
Do not hang on the past.
Change your life, you are strong people, I knew many of them personally.
Start new projects, invest in russia.
You will yield the gratitude of people for generations to come and the state will support you.
Russia is an open country, but an independent civilisation.
We don’t pretend to be superior.
We will work with those who are willing.
We will depend on our own potential and power.
Russia is true to its word.
We will come to the rescue of those in dire straits.
Russia was the first to help the EU, like Italy in the pandemic.
The first to send help to Turkey.
people are the source of power of Russia.
Presidential lecture of 2024 will be held democratically in accordance with the law.
Main thing is the safety and wellbeing of the people.
Work together to support the right of Russia to be strong.
Thank you for your patriotism.
Development of culture will be one of the priorities after hostilities in donbass.
Housing certificates for young scientists
Need new people, expanding vocational education.
Need to combine the success of the soviet system and modern system. 4-6 years of study.
This year is the year of the teacher.
Respect for parents and the role of the family.
Support for family and children.
Budget for support measures has grown several times over.
Fastest growth of the sector of the budget.
Maternity capital indexed to reflect inflation of last year, an increase of 11.9% and to include Donetsk and Lugansk, Kherson etc since 2007!
Same happened for Crimea.
Programs for families will be expanded.
Growth of real incomes will continue to increase minimum pay to reflect inflation. 6.3% since the start of 2023.
Additional indexation of 10% minimum pay will grow 18.9%
Families with 2+ children will not have to pay real estate taxes.
Demographic situation depends on the social sphere.
Help people relocate to better housing.
Modernisation of primary health care.
Government to add 50 billion to renew public transport fleets, special attention to small and rural towns.
Clean air project extended to 2030.
Aiming to achieve a closed cycle economy.
Protection of rivers and lakes.
We heard statements by NATO demanding Russia to go back to the observance treaty of strategic arms including nuclear site inspections.
The west is directly complicit in helping Kiev to strike military aviation.
Now they want to inspect our defence facilities.
It sounds like something from a madhouse.
We haven’t been allowed to organise inspections under this treaty.
I will emphasise that NATO and the US have stated they want to enact a strategic defeat on russia.
The US has been the one to withdraw from our agreements.
It was them after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they built the world in the American way, destroying the foundations of the world order.
With the only goal in mind, to destroy the international relations structure after WW2.
Without the interests of Russia or any other country.
The US changed the world order to suit only themselves and selfish interests.
US issuing ultimatums to Russia.
Russia has to do what the US wants, but the US can do what they like.
We need to understand, what do NATO countries want?
We must consider their arsenals.
Don’t try to lie to everyone again saying you want peace.
We know they wish to test their nuclear weapons.
Russia will not be the first, if the US tests a nuclear weapon, Russia will follow.
Citizens of Russia, we are going on a difficult path, and we are overcoming the challenges.
We should be worthy of our ancestors.
Russians may pray in different languages, but all pray for victory.
Russian warriors understand what they are fighting for and who they defend.
Russia will stand up to any challenges, we are one people and country.
The truth is with us.

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