2 Responses to “Spinners, This Lion is Supposedly Wild. Is The Spinner Phenomena Caused By EMFs?”

  1. David 2 says:

    Thanks Ian,

    Galileo proved that all motion is circular. It is the wonderful cycle of life and death.There is absolutely no such thing as linear motion.

    All our body joints are curved to allow circular motion. Our heartbeat and all bodily movements are cyclical, the tides, day and night, the seasons, etc.

    Everything in nature has a degree of curvature, the law of the Universe is so precise that it is impossible to draw a straight line without a mechanical device.

    Copernicus stated that the Universe is a sphere, which means that everything within the Universe corresponds to a sphere! Without this knowledge it is impossible to understand life.

    We are all creatures of the Universe. It makes sense that the wildebeest migrate in a circle or if upset or agitated, these animals would walk in a circle. Humans who experience concerns will do exactly the same.

    The recent phenomenon of people dying by being involuntarily sucked into a vortex, is also naturally explained. Except that it is an occult phenomenon!

    Like water that circles a drain, they are disappearing into a black hole .A black hole in the Universe has no end! When you understand natural law, this knowledge is very disturbing.

  2. Saladin says: