SouthFront Reports Shell Shortage; Shoigu vs Wagner Squabble

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Rolo Slavisky — The Slavland Chronicles Feb 19, 2023

It appears that the rumors, if true, of a feudal squabble between Wagner and the MoD are getting picked up by other projects.

This, despite the protests of the 5D crowd.

I have always been impressed by the quality of work of SouthFront. They keep things simple and follow the facts. As a result, for some reason, they’re not as big as the other bloggers. This shouldn’t be too surprising. People prefer their fairytales.


Several videos of Wagner fighters addressing the Russian military and political leadership were recently shared online.

In one of the videos, artillerymen of the Wagner PMC appealed to the Russian Ministry of Defense:

“We are members of the artillery unit of the Wagner PMC. Every day we carry out complex combat missions and cover our assault groups.

At the moment, we are completely cut off from the supply of ammunition. Right now, there is an acute shortage of ammunition for howitzers, 152 mm D-1, also for the MT-12 anti—tank gun, of 100 mm, high-explosive ammunition for the T—72 tank – and of 125 mm high-explosive shells for the 120 mm mortar 2B11.

We appeal to our colleagues and friends from the Ministry of Defense.

We are sure that you have ammunition somewhere in your warehouses. We need it badly. We would be extremely grateful if you would help us, and supply this ammunition.

A huge number of people will survive and will be able to continue taking part in hostilities, and this will affect the entire course of the war.

We will work for you, we will do this job. Help us with the ammunition.”

Every day we lose hundreds of our comrades-in-arms. There could have been far fewer  losses if we had been supplied with weapons and ammunition, with everything that is necessary. Stop messing around. Let us fight. Let us defend our country, our homeland. There are hundreds of our guys here. Send your children to fight, and your sons-in-laws who are making Tik-Tok videos, instead.


The head of the Wagner PMC, Evgeny Prigozhin, was asked by the media to comment on this video. Here is his response:

“Note that these wonderful fighters are heroes who die for our homeland, they did not call anyone obscene words and did not discredit the Ministry of Defense in any way. They simply asked their colleagues for ammunition, and gave a detailed list of what they needed.”

Earlier, the process of recruiting Russian prisoners to the Wagner assault units had been halted. Evgeny Prigozhin confirmed this, and commented that he did not understand why it was necessary to destroy a streamlined process that had already proven its effectiveness on the battlefield.

Today, the Wagner PMC is the most effective of the Russian units on the Ukrainian battlefields. Apparently, the success of Prigozhin’s fighters is the envy of some Russian military officials. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain these developments.


It is difficult to explain these developments otherwise. The only other explanation that has been given is that Wagner has been wasteful and used up all of its allocated ammo.

Seeing as most of the fighting has been concentrated in Bakhmut, I don’t really buy the explanation that the shells are necessary for other fronts. What other fronts? As far as we can see, there is some action in the south, but by and large it’s all going down in Bakhmut.

SouthFront continues:

It looks like there is a new round of in-fighting between the elite factions within the Russian government; to be more exact, a confrontation between the so-called ‘liberals’ and the ‘patriots’.

Where else have we heard about such in-fighting?

Oh yes, this blog, which went into far greater depth on the nature of the struggle and the factions.

Feel free to acquaint yourself with the position on the blog on the internal factions here and here.

One aspect of this struggle may be the recent change in the command of Russia’s military districts. On February 17, the Defense Ministry announced the appointment of new commanders of the Central, Southern, Western and Eastern Military Districts.

Interestingly, on February 16, former presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, who was in charge of Ukrainian issues from 2014 to 2020 and took part in the development of the Minsk agreements, stated that he personally did not proceed on the assumption that the agreements would be fulfilled. Previously, he had always claimed that Russia had counted on the implementation of these agreements.

Vladislav Surkov is known for his liberal views.

A Liberal with pro-Western views forming policy for the Russian government?

Can’t be!

Only Ukrainian-sleeper-cell-demoralization-British-Fascist bloggers like Rolo and Strelkov talk about how there are traitors are in the Russian government!


All these events in Russia are taking place on the eve of a key speech from Putin; his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly. The speech, scheduled for February 21st, is expected to be a turning point in terms of Russian political reality.


We’re all strapped in, waiting to hear the big news.

There has been speculation that a scale down in operations is to be announced. Here:

But while we’re waiting, I’ve got a few more articles planned.

The big one is the inside story on how Shoigu got his job. Ever hear of the Tuvan mafia? You’re going to want to be a paid sub for when that one comes out.

Tomorrow, probably.

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