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Snowden – alien narratives are distraction technique

Former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, who lives in Russia, said the panic over the possible alien or extraterrestrial origin of flying objects downed above the United States and Canada is designed to distract journalists from investigating Nord Stream pipeline blasts.
via Scott Ritter (youtube)
The below is more spoof territory/humour.
Imma thinkin’….. these UFOs that allegedly been shot down…
Bearing in mind this is the USA .
There was no reports of the UFO’s attacking us …………OR anyone.
No ray guns decimating whole cities etc.
No streams of human souls being sucked up into them.
So I’ve boiled it down to this . Them theere UFOs was ESCAPING ..!! They broke outta their DUMB prisons below Denver, hotwired their own previously confiscated Crafts. and were on their way “home” ..Toot sweet !! then the guards woke up . Saw empty cages, alerted USAF and they chased em down and shot em in the back. (Like good US law enforcement officers do)
So thats it ..poor buggers, legging it home after being in Human underground captivity for decades. Having no legal immigration documentation etc. Just wanna get back to their own mams n dads (or whatever) and the Yanks blasted em ……….”Aint no nigger leaving OUR plantation eh?”
WHAAaatt..!!! its as good a story as any …👍🤠👍
picture via Dane Heald on vk.com