Should England seek independence from the United Kingdom?

It sounds crazy doesn’t it, yet the Westminster elite rules over our country taking no account of the views of our people, fomenting and escalating wars in many parts of the world, endangering our futures.  Robin Tilbrook is one of the few politicians willing to address the thorny issues which are avoided by the main political parties, like the one raised in this video.

I take a different view myself on immigration and see it as a concern – especially the rape and grooming of young girls which the Police do not deal with, and the media fails to report – but also we are blessed to have many wonderful and dynamic law abiding people coming to our country to live and to work.  The numbers that we can absorb is clearly limited and that issue should be addressed.

We will only be able to get a simple discussion going if we establish some kind of independence from the increasingly disunited kingdom.


One Response to “Should England seek independence from the United Kingdom?”

  1. Steve Kettle says:

    “Immigration” is not just an issue for England Tap but ALL majority white nations.
    Has Robin ever raised the issue of the Kalergi plan? does he have close contact with other European “anti immigration” parties? To stop all this needs a coordinated approach right across Europe and the instigators jailed as the traitors they are.