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Russia Threatens U.S. AND U.K. With “Consequences”. iearlgrey (Mike Jones)

He also posts frequently on his telegram channel: : https://t.me/iearlgreytv
13,762 views • 9 Feb 2023 • BUKHARESTSKAYA

Nordstream: I Was Right! My Whistleblower Told Me 4 MONTHS AGO!: https://www.youtube.com/live/sd908X8c…

Ryabkov threatened the United States with consequences due to an article about blowing up Nord Stream: https://tinyurl.com/28xxugln

The British minister praised Kyiv’s request with the phrase “no f**king planes”: https://tinyurl.com/26ers2h4

Russian Investigative Committee is investigating a video with the execution of three prisoners by Ukrainian nationalists: https://tinyurl.com/29ztsua6

Patrick Lancaster’s Telegram: https://t.me/patricklancasternewstoday

The American Institute reported the interception of the initiative by the Russian army: https://tinyurl.com/2ccd2wyq

Russian investigators revealed earnings of foreign mercenaries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: https://tinyurl.com/28sbmayz

Ukrainian military cut off the hands and heads of dead foreign mercenaries: https://tinyurl.com/2brj3gyl 






One Response to “Russia Threatens U.S. AND U.K. With “Consequences”. iearlgrey (Mike Jones)”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I like him and watch him sometimes. I watch nearly every day Military Summary Channel – and DPA War. The two Alex’ – Alexander Mercouris and Alex Christoforou are usually worth a look. Scott Ritter occasionally. For reporting at ground level I follow Russell Bentley on http://www.vk.com who is never boring and sometimes as real as it gets. The Ukrops are using chemical weapons dropped by drones with footgae released of victims writhing in agony. No one reports on Moscow politics (Kremlinology) at all well. The British clearly think they’re winning which means they must have a plan to take over Moscow once Russia’s won the anti-Nazi war against NATO. As with the US in 1947 the Nazis undefeated re-appeared in the US running the show ever since. We will have many interesting chats about this I am sure.