Ohio derailment – US’ Cernobyl

Oh SH*T, this train explosion is WORSE than they’re telling anyone | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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5 Responses to “Ohio derailment – US’ Cernobyl”

  1. Gordon says:

    I’m not getting the link to it but I think this may be it.


  2. ian says:

    Given that there was a film, “White Noise”, on Netflix, which was probably predictive programming, for this event, it was likely a FF, which will be left to do maximum pollution/damage before it is stopped. The Ohio River which was previously only in my memory of the song Country Roads, apparently supplies or feeds into water that supplies millions of Americans, and the airborne pollutants can go world wide.

    • ian says:

      mixed up my songs, it was called strangely enough, The banks of the Ohio, by Livvy Neutron Bomb.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      This link shows the full watershed basin

      It also explains just how awful that the subsequent dioxin release is from the fire. Dioxins are lethal as the link explains in some detail


      Even worse, they set the fire DELIBERATELY! Hard to believe if you don’t understand their agenda

      “This mess of 14 tanker cars (really, many more, but 14 had vinyl chloride) was then set on fire by the government, apparently to make it easier to clear the railroad tracks. This was the worst possible decision. It has turned many, many miles into what should be no-man’s land. But I have not heard of one single test for dioxin being done”

      • pete fairhurst says:

        This one explains the full catastrophic extent:


        “The toxic plume of airborne hydrochloric acid and dioxin from the East Palestine “controlled burn” has a radius of over 200 miles encompassing Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto. For the past week, it’s been raining down over some of the most fertile farmland in the United States, killing farm animals and aquatic life.

        The entire Ohio River Basin is affected, where over 30 million people or 10% of the US population lives, including the metropolitan areas of Louisville KY, Cincinnati OH, Indianapolis, IN and Nashville, TN. The Ohio River, alone provides drinking water to over 5 million people. And it drains into the Mississippi, affecting all those downstream.”