NATO using precision HIMARS rockets to attack civilians

Russell Bentley American in Donbass

Epic Interview Discussion about Russia, Ukraine, China, NATO, USA, news about Russia Ukraine war and geopolitical situation. Russell and Elena discuss the #latest and #news about the situation in Ukraine, China’s peace proposals, Zelensky, Putin’s speech, possible Ukrainian advance in Transnistria, Moldova near Odessa city current situation, Zelensky’s plans for Crimea region take over and more.

đŸ”´During the interview and before ( you can find another video with Russell singing his own “autobiographical song” on this channel) Elena asks Russell to play his guitar and sing for inspiration, Russell sings in Russian language a song about “New Russia/Novorossiya” name of the area where he lives now for years.

đŸ”´Russell “TEXAS” is a worldwide known American from Texas, who moved to Donetsk city in 2014 and since then lives in the region that Ukraine has been shelling for almost 9 years and counting, Donbass region (formerly eastern Ukraine) people and militias resisting and fighting back. In 2022 region became a part of Russian Federation after referendum for independence, unrecognized by the west and Ukraine, so the war in the region that started in 2014 is continued to this day.

Russell “Texas” Bentley is a legendary defender of Donbass people, known around the world for speaking out the truth about situation in Ukraine since 2014 when the war in Ukraine started, following the western ( USA via Obama, Biden, Nuland, Mc Cain etc and EU) backed coup that removed democratically and legally elected President at the time in Ukraine. Russell has become Donbass citizen journalist and humanitarian, who helps to ease the suffering of the civilian population in Donbass region by supporting the charity foundation he works together with:

Russian military operation started on February 24 2022, this interview marks 1 year since that time, recorded on Feb 24 2023 and total of 9 years of war in Donbass region that started in 2014, which Russell is the first hand witness to on the ground… and counting.

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One Response to “NATO using precision HIMARS rockets to attack civilians”

  1. newensign says:

    A good insight Tap into what is really going on and the huge corruption in the west and especially how the Ukraine commanders treat their own personnel.