Monday morning with Alex Christoforou – Estonia PM, Russia should be re-educated. Josep, EU ‘urgent war mode.’ Sean Penn, Superpower. U/1

Estonian Prime Minister speaking at Munich Security Conference; pure projection; no accountability for the West, only the non-western nations; she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer; regurgitating what she has heard. NATO will win, but always remember that NATO is not a party to the conflict.

Her hatred is for the Russian people; this is beyond Ukraine; it is about destroying the Russian spirit, soul, what is inside the Russian people; their spirit has to be broken. She actually speaks Russian; her hatred is very deep and emotional. Rewriting history. Doing it from within in the US. Break it down and remake in their image.

Jungle Josep – War Hawk: Peace Facility Funds for ammo; slush fund- 10% for the big guy; line more pockets; have to keep the war going; want destruction to drag on. Trying to deplete Russia of ammo and weapons.

Everything is by projection with the Neo-cons; that is how their brains are wired.

Threatening other countries ( China) with ultimatums/ red lines if they provide Russia with weapons and ammo. Their strategy now is to starve Russia of weapons and ammo and then make their move on Crimea, and inside of Russia – or direct intervention,

Kirby denying US involvement in Nordstream; they must be rattled; a coordinated, well-planned response on Fox News; because Kirby never lies, does he?

Sean Penn; another Narcissistic Hollywood documentary film starring elensky, or Sean? Is there are conection to a charity, CORE?

Their goal is conflict with Russia; that is where they are taking us; that is what is in their heads.



3 Responses to “Monday morning with Alex Christoforou – Estonia PM, Russia should be re-educated. Josep, EU ‘urgent war mode.’ Sean Penn, Superpower. U/1”

  1. newensign says:

    It seems strange Danceaway that Alex has not mentioned the fact of many high ranking officers in Putin’s DOD having died suddenly in mysterious circumstances, since when the Russian military have been kept short of ammo in key areas. I did have a link on the subject but it has been taken down.

  2. danceaway says:

    Has he missed it somehow, new ensign? How can we contact him?

  3. newensign says:

    It seems he has Danceaway. The only way to contact him it seems is to post a question in his comments box, but then again would he see it with the many thousands he gets! The only contact point is their shop which has phone and and e-mail.