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So the Next Big Scare will be an alien invasion (not by Mexicans, but as foretold by H.G. Wells)? We saw this one coming in the spring of 2021, and warned that it (too) would be wholly BOGUS

As things get ever more spectacularly worse, They HAVE to keep on scaring us—this time, it seems, with “UFOs.” Can that hoax work the same black magic as “the virus”? Or will THIS trick flop?[=]\

Of course, I recommend all three parts, start to finish, for a comprehensive treatment of the propaganda variously used throughout the COVID crisis; but for our purposes today, I urge you to focus just on the last several minutes of Part 3, starting at 42:15, where I turn to the then-heavy hints of a fake “alien invasion” from some galaxy far, far away:

[Parts 1 and 2:]

Let me end by pointing out that, just as “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” the only thing They fear is that we’ll just stop feeling it, and (therefore) stop complying, and start fighting back.


For a more detailed treatment of this Don’t Look Up absurdity, here’s a new and excellent piece, from Coffee & Covid, on the whole “spy blimp”/UFO psy-op (which is precisely what this latest chapter is, like all the chapters that preceded it):