9 Responses to “King Charles betrays Brexit”

  1. John says:

    Shocking but not unexpected. For our own safety and survival these “rulers” of all types need to go and soon. We need to start again with good people that will do the right thing for all of humanity.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Robin Tilbrook advises that we can’t do much about the way the world is going, but what we can do we should do. Blair wanted us in the Euro twenty years ago. Many worked to oppose him and they succeeded. There are ways we can hold back the tide if we join together as one in opposition. My advice is to back Robin and the Teds. He will do what can be done to preserve our freedoms and fight case by case. Who else can you see?

    • John says:

      I think it’s down to us Tap. If we wake up and remember who we truly are it’s game over. The awakening comes with pain so many are not going to want to go through the pain of awakening so until they do it’s more of the same I feel. Ultimately consciousness trumps all and is an unstoppable force.

      • Tapestry says:

        I like your philosophy John, and you’re totally correct – but consciousness needs channels, and that requires speech and free speech. Free speech requires a political fight as well as a spiritual one experienced by each of us one by one. The angels will help us – and God too – but not if we don’t help ourselves by talking and acting. AV’s potential political development would bring you the numbers you believe are necessary to make progress. UK Column looks back where we were – locked up by the main political parties, and the idea that the political system is real – they are doing the job very well, but it’s not where our political future lies.

        The abandonment of politics by many and the total reliance on a spiritual pathway is in my opinion a mistake. We need both – and all others channels open to us like art, writing, drama and so on. The keyboard is great but not enough. Access to people’s minds is far stronger face to face, as you find with your excellent conferences. Going out into the world requires effort and experimentation and there are people we can ally with profitably, who come at the same information from different perspectives. I find the different communities who have come to England are far more aware of the freedoms we enjoy here coming from noxious regimes in many cases than the original English are. They appreciate the economic possibilities here more than the original English do as well in not all but in many cases. And they realise that people being allowed to talk, hold conferences and campaign is quite exceptional compared to much of the world, especially the world many of them have come from. Most are law abiding and hard-working people, and I would see the many different communities as being key allies in any struggle, and they want to be included, but they are not. The original English see immigration mostly as a threat. I see it as a great political and cultural opportunity being wasted. Obviously the numbers are too many but that’s another issue not being dealt with by government and the main media.

        • John says:

          Wise words Tap. I personally believe there is a very powerful dark force in the background controlling politics and politicians. I think Robin Tilbrook has a lot of potential and I hope he has the heart and courage to stand up to the dark force should he ever come up against it. If he gets any kind of political position and power he most certainly will.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Excellent comments Tap and John, thank you. I concur with most of what you both say

            The solutions, and achieving a better future for all of humanity, are in ordinary humans hands. If only more humans realised this

            I do think that a consciousness shift is already happening and that this shift is a big factor in the increased urgency [and desperation?] of these dark forces. These forces have ruled the roost for far too long and they won’t give up that power without a real fight, I’ve no doubt about that

            The awakening certainly does come with pain John. Certainly that was my experience. But such pain is bearable for most in truth. Truth trumps lies every time. No exceptions, no matter how painful the consequences

  3. ian says:

    Things are changing I believe. After being treated as a leper since the needlework started for my non compliance, just recently I’m getting a good few folks who suspect that not all is hunky dory. I was speaking to an old GF of mine who I haven’t seen in ages. Her husband died 3 days ofter being jabbed. Others are saying that they’ve never felt right since getting it. I desperately hoping that enough folks are going to be very resistant to further infringements on our right to say no.
    As for government? I feel that to work, we’ll need a great reset of our own. I mean eg ruling class, wtf does that actually mean. Immigration is being deliberately rushed and increased by who though?? not our pantomime political puppets, no, by the people who control them, the people who control them and own and control the media and the financial system. By people who can’t really be named because they have changed our free speech laws to make it a crime to name them. Traditional politics working under them won’t achieve anything.

    • John says:

      Spot on Ian. We don’t, never have and never will need a ruling class. Anyone who wants power and to rule should never be allowed to.

  4. Belyi says:

    I’m so glad that ‘king’ Chuck is involved in this. It could mean that he disappears, and the whole rotten ‘monarchy’ with him, sooner rather than later