Jenga and Paper Planes

Last year this month I put up this post and I thought I would do so again a year on as the images are nearly wiped from the net. I keep my archives and back ups so the cleansing is futile.

This is what I wrote for you fabulously informed people who visit here.

The internet controllers are scrubbing a picture actively at the moment and I thought it best to throw it up before it disappears. The story behind it starts in 2012 with a grad student called Ryan-Kleid, a man who was studying at the New York Academy of Arts.

The school put on a fundraiser at the Tribeca ball that year and sold two paintings he had created. One depicted William (Bill) Clinton laying across a chair in a blue dress (Parsing Bill) and the other is a depiction that is being censored. The latter is called War Games which features the former president of the United States, sitting on the floor of the Oval office in the White House playing with paper airplanes in front of two fallen Jenga towers.

If you study the picture carefully you will see two scorpions also in the painting by his feet.

The intriguing background to these pictures continues with the fact that a heinous man purchased them, commonly now known as Jeffrey Epstein. Following the years after 9/11 a war on terror was created which turned out to be an illegal invasion of a free nation.

Occult symbolism has existed within paintings ever since humankind decided to mark the wall of caves in which he sheltered. Da Vinci was a painter who filled all his work with allegory you just had to be aware of what you were searching for.

The depiction of ‘the last supper’ for example is that the table upon which they eat is on four trestles depicting the four seasons of the year.

The enigma continues with a litany of hidden messages and meanings for example John to the right of Jesus may be a depiction of Mary Magdalene. Let us not forget in the mystery schools the first ceremony of entry has a candidate led in by individual that stands on his right which is where we get the term ‘right hand man’.

The pertinent point is that the most important place at the table after Jesus is the individual to his right.

Then if you consider the pattern of the group seating arrangement was 3 –3 –1 –3–3 obviously points to lamentations 3; 31;33 “For no one is cast off from the Lord forever .“

The last supper is a fabulous piece of work, intriguing and filled with enigma and while the artwork of war games has a lesser skill the allegory in its meaning is interesting, so why is this image being removed.

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gary of the House of fraughen

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2 Responses to “Jenga and Paper Planes”

  1. danceaway says:

    Thank you so much for posting for us, Gary. Yes, I remember the two lower photos…
    Please keep posting!!!

  2. newensign says:

    An interesting article Gary. One needs a sharp eye to see these subliminal messages, which you obviously have! The Scriptures themselves are full of number codes helping us to identify the enemy. For example the well known 666 which the enemy love hiding in their logos. 11 for the number of Gog which would come and take a great spoil – we have MI6 and MI5 (5 + 6 = 11) = 5 pointed star of Amelak whom god well have war with from generation to generation ie the Pentagon The 6 pointed star = Jewish Edomites – the 6 pointed star was never a Biblical emblem but that of a Rabbi with that name David.