Irish Savant, Unhappy Women.

Unhappy women

The results of opinion polls and surveys should be treated with a degree of reserve as they are usually agenda-driven. (Which of the following best expresses your opinion of President Biden: a) Inspiring, b) Brilliant, c) Honourable.) For obvious reasons we should be extra cautious of surveys seeking to apply hard numbers to abstract value judgements such as happiness, especially when such studies are undertaken by America’s notorious CDC. Nonetheless the findings graphically outlined below have the ring of truth about them.

The survey finds that nearly 3 in 5 teen girls (57%) said they felt “persistently sad or hopeless.” That’s the highest rate ever. And 30% said they have seriously considered dying by suicide — a percentage that’s risen by nearly 60% over the past 10 years. How can this be when the Western world has been handed over to women? Female-biased welfare, grotesquely unfair affirmative action policies which see men, especially White men, disadvantaged at every step of life’s journey, facing legal bias, disbelief at even the most improbable sexual harassment claims, divorce rape, punitive child support (even when they’re not the biological fathers!)……. it’s a woman’s world. Or is it? Well not according to these figures released by the CDC. In fact the levels of female happiness (and men’s too, but who cares about that?) have been declining for close on thirty years, a reality which even The Guardian concedes. The latter’s solution as you’d expect is more of the same to make things better. More sex partners, more money, more abortions, more Third World immigration…..then women will be happy.

Some drivers of female melancholia seem clear enough, the pathologies of social media evident even to sociologists. “Time spent online affects every aspect of adolescent development—physical, emotional, cognitive, sexual and relational. Screenagers don’t interact with the real world enough to build a solid, functional self.” Showing stunning insight for her ‘profession’ this sociologist admits that smartphones are addictive in the clinical meaning of the term, social media is a source of anxiety, fear of missing out (FOMO) is a consuming worry, and peer pressure to put your life online is considerable. Often (usually?) these online representations bear scant relation to the actual person: Photoshopped images and masterly euphemisms (full-bodied = landwhale, petite = anorexic, party girl = whore) can work online but what happens when you meet somebody in real life via a dating app? Affirmative action for women is also a poisoned chalice whereby girls are, in effect, encouraged to be second-rate men rather than first-rate women. Subconsciously every woman shoe-horned into an AA-based role recognises the underlying falsehoods.

But the real causes of deepening female despair are more profound. Because modern woman is at war with nature itself, at war with Logos, what Nietzsche called “the reversal of all values” (die Umwertung aller Werte). Or let’s call it Satanic Inversion. Over thousands of years primal mating forces have become deeply wired into our women’s hindbrains. Five thousand years of evolution can not be undone in the space of a few decades despite what the civilisation-wreckers proclaim. The net result is a battle between the conscious and subconscious mind, a battle with calamitous results. Evolutionary programming “directs” women to be home makers and child bearers as partners of a strong man who defends and provides for their family. Even as an uncouth young man with caveman levels of male-female relationship insights I noticed that wives with wrist-flapping hen-pecked husbands were never happy. And the greater the pandering the more bitter and shrew-like the wives became. The catastrophic decline in male testosterone levels in recent decades has turned this problem into a crisis.

As women’s financial status rises to levels at or above the available men in their social sphere, they will have great difficulty finding an acceptable long-term partner. As Oscar Wilde noted, women are always satisfied with the best. Unfortunately for them the ‘all women are wonderful’ trope and the fantasy that men are attracted to sassy independent intelligent women has lead to utterly unrealistic ideas of their mating value. This leads to huge numbers of women chasing a relatively tiny number of high-value men. I remember Chateau Heartiste pointing out that when provider males who are predisposed to marry and support a family are worth a lot less on the market than they used to be they get replaced by playboys taking advantage of the sexual climate. Women who have their security needs met by Big Government and affirmative action careers also begin to favor their desire for pump ‘n’ dump alpha males. Thus women have unwittingly made life more difficult for all but the most attractive of them. And that attractiveness has but a brief flowering. After which the terrible realisation dawns that their ability to fulfil the most basic and powerful instincts, that of procreation, has been lost. Despite the malevolent celebration of the ‘child-free’ status, nature will not be denied so in desperation they might manage, as they enter their forties, to squeeze out via IVF a single, child, probably autistic, who is itself farmed out to a daycare centre run by third worlders who it on its head and laugh about it.

Back to Chateau Heartiste for a (just) possible solution. “We can turn this sinking ship around and steer it to safe harbor, but that will mean returning to the wrong side of history where we laud boys for their distinctiveness and encourage them to tinker, not shame them for preferring stoicism over social justice blubbering. On the flip side, it will mean stopping the inhuman agenda of praising girls for acting boy-like and pushing girls to think their natural female talents are signs of weakness. Less “leaning in”, more “leaving alone” to pursue the lives their sex-based dispositions organically push them toward.”

But remember, the solution lies beyond the human sphere. It lies in the hands of God. Because our current problems are demonic in origin.


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2 Responses to “Irish Savant, Unhappy Women.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Excellent post. Satanic inversion indeed.

    A very disturbing direction for our society to travel in too, no good will come of it. One has to hope that human nature will eventually prevail. But there is precious little sign of that happening in the west right now

    • ian says:

      Indeed pete, Savant has a way with words. Society has been hijacked by forces intent on the destruction of traditional white European values. That they have the power to get laws passed to protect their inversions, would suggest that the changes are by the same forces who are behind our current plandemic revolution.